I wish I could express just how strong my love for Michael Jackson is. He was such an amazing man and I wish I could've at least hugged him back when he was still alive, but I was too busy dealing with my rough early childhood. He makes me feel like I'm not alone though. I can't explain just how much him and his muziek help me. I want to be like him in so many ways. He was always such a beautiful man and a little boy at heart, keeping this sense of innocence and this imagination that most lose. I promise I'll never lose any of that either. I couldn't if I wanted to. It's such a part of me. Sharing it with Michael makes me so happy and knowing he would've loved me too makes me feel even better. He was very misunderstood and so am I. I wish he'd felt less alone and had meer who could see into his soul with love. I love him in all the ways possible and I respect and look up to him so damned much. I can't say it better than that. I love you, Michael.