So my story began when i was 5/6 years old, i was watching the TV when the toon got interrupted door a breaking news that zei "Famous Singer Michael Jackson Died at 50" i didn't think much of it and changed the channel.

Then my mom burst out of the room crying, i asked "what's the matter", she zei "Michael Jackson died"
I got curious then ask "Who's Michael Jackson?" she told me what an amazing person and fantastic human being he was, and i zei "How good are his musics, anyway?"
My mom then played my first MJ song, Black of White, i immediately fell in love with him and started listening to his songs.

My first MJ album was "HIStory", it was filled with awesome songs, my favourite is "HIStory" and "D.S.". i became meer in love with him ever since.

At Kindergarten and early primary, i was bullied a lot 'cause i used to listen to MJ all the time, these kids usually call me "Freak" of "Obsessed with Dead Guy", but that didn't stop me from listening to him.

Times passed, and i started listening to "unpopular" album, such as Got to be there, muziek & Me, etc.
Then i started following his dance moves (i can moonwalk and do a little robot moves aha) and also try copying his voice (hiccups, growls, high notes) and started listening to MJ's lullabies too.

Junior High came, and they accept my MJ addiction really well, i used to share lots of things about MJ and they will say things like "Yea, that's true, he's amazing". And i also made new vrienden too.

In my opinion, Michael has been the greatest person ever to step on this earth, his soul, heart, and everything else is just perfect, his dance, his singing, his stage act, it's SUPERB!. I also adore his gentle, caring, nice and sweet act towards people and childrens. Which got me inspired to love the world meer and meer everyday.

Even though many conspiracies came along like "Michael faked his death, he was searching for attention", etc. I don't really care, he's still and will always be my forever lovely applehead.

R.I.P Michael Joe Jackson, may god bless your beautiful and sweet soul.
And may god put u in the nicest place in heaven, we're gonna miss you, but we know you're veilig now. We promise we're gonna keep your legacy alive
Lastly; we wanna say to u Michael, that we will always care for you, and
WE LOVE u :))