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t appears Katherine Jackson is going to do what Oksana Grigorieva couldn't ... appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

Production trucks have arrived at the Jackson family compound in Encino along with two black SUVs. Members of the production crew told TMZ they are there for "an Oprah shoot."

A security guard told TMZ Oprah will not be tonen up ... so this could be filming for an introductory segment of the show.

No word on what the interview might be about ... but we're guessing the words Michael and Jackson will be used often.

UPDATE 5:10 PM PT -- No one has left yet, but there has been a visitor ... the Domino's pizza delivery guy!

UPDATE 6:23 PM PT -- The production trucks are getting a parking ticket. Put it on Oprah's tab.

UPDATE 6:39 PM PT -- The two SUVs have taken off and the production crew has begun to load equipment. Looks like it's a wrap.
posted by Eternalmike
When Lucille and Mariah got home, they went in their rooms. Their parents wouldn't be home pagina until six. Mariah laid on her bed and thought about Michael.I can't believe I have such a sweet boyfriend like Michael,Mariah thought.In the future,I would like to get married to him, Mariah last thought of before her sister Lucille came in her room.'' hallo Mar-Mar how's it going?'' Lucille asked.'' Good as always'' Mariah responded.'' Lucy,I have to ask u something'' Mariah said.''Yeah?'' Lucille said.'' What is a perfect relationship to you?'' Mariah asked.'' Well a perfect relationship to me is when...
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posted by cherl12345
As stated in the O'Jays 1976 hit song, "Message In Our Music," Michael conveyed what he was feeling in his muziek as well; for example, the 1995 anti-tabloid protest anthem, "Scream", he was speaking out agaisnt the media and how they twist everything around without getting the actual facts, of destroying someone's reputation in order to get a story at any cost. Similar to Sam Cooke's 1965 postumous hit song, "A Change Is Gonna Come", the anthem,"They Don't Care About Us", Michael speaks out against racism. Also, he makes reference to Martin Luther King, Jr. stating, "If Martin Luther was living,...
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posted by emey16
"A young lady's physical beauty can door no means outshine the inner beauty that radiates from her hart-, hart & spirit"- Michael Jackson

The main thing that I hate most, is ignorance"

"I love people who have really contributed to the pleasure & happiness of the planet & mankind.. people with light."- Michael Jackson

Before u know if u are black of white, before u know of what religion u are a part, u have to know that u are loved'- Michael Jackson

"And I pray a lot and that’s how I deal with it and I’m a strong person, I’m a warrior. And I know what’s inside of me. I’m a fighter."...
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posted by emey16
"You can pray to the angels
and they will listen, but the best way to call them,
I am told, is to laugh. Angels respond to delight,
because that is what they're made of.
In fact, when people's minds are clouded door anger
or hatred, no angel can reach them." - Michael Jackson

If u enter this world knowing u are loved and u leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.”

"Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. The truth will win this marathon in court"

"In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger,...
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as michael starts to look at himself in the mirror listening to all the voices saying u have a big nose and remember how his cousin's would pretend they are poping his pimples michael realizes that one dag he's going to toon them who's boss and not going to take nothing from nobody anymore just one dag all of it will change after michael starts to put himself together janet walks into the room and askes is everything ok michael starts to tell his little sister that he doesnt like they way he looks in the face and one dag he's going to toon joseph who's boss michael askes janet does he look...
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first michael rises out of bed to the morning as michael sits up in bed after streching an yawning a little bit all of a sudden he hears a loud banging noice at the door as he always know joe is the only one that bangs on the doors in the house as michael is scared from the loud banging at the door already knowing that its joseph michael doesnt say of do anything joe starts to yell and say OPEN THIS DOOR NOW! of I WILL BREAK IT DOWN! as michael is still scared from his fathers demands joe starts to count down from 5 so michael would open the door as joe starts to count down michael is sitting...
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posted by mjfanforever22
its not fair how everytime michael writes a song about how the world is treating us of how we should make it a better place he gets teased for it of sued for it like for instance they dont care about us prison version michael wrote the song and also put a video out what happends they banned it because they zei that michael was saying racist slurs in the song so michael had to do a whole new video in a different country without the slurs they thought it was racist michael had to sit down with the excutives just to prove his innocence in the slurs another video that they banned was in the closet...
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posted by Fashionista101
The volgende thing I knew, I placed my hand on my head and looked all around me.
"What happen? Where am I?"
Before I could even answer those questions, I can feel some guy grabbed my ponytail really hard. I cried out in pain.
"Eric?!" I zei surprisely with my eyes popping. Then I see John, Derek and Michael surrounded door his hencemen with geweer-, geweer guns.
"That's right!" I kicked in my stomach and I nearly fell to the ground.
"Ow!" I scream in pain. I could feel that the guys, especially Michael, wanted to help me, but the hencemen kept holding them back.
"Why are u doing this?" Michael asked.
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posted by Fashionista101
Throughout the volgende few hours, we've followed Michael to make sure that he's safe. We've followed him to a toy koop as we watched from on top, boven of a building using binoculars. I stop looking for a seconde when I saw a ster in the bright sky. Michael did stay that whenever we need him, we just needed to look at his lucky star. I wonder if it was his.
Anyway, I went back to watching Michael and saw him leaving the store as he put on his white jas and noticed him looking up in the sky. He smiles for a seconde and the volgende thing u know, we started to hear a gun being cocked and he had a frighting...
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posted by XXKingMichaelXX
 DR. Michael
DR. Michael
DR. Michael 21 years old
Elia 14 years old
DR.Fernado 30 Years old
Summer 17 years old

Elia is 14 years old her parents thinks she crazy becuz she thinks ghost is real and see dead people

Summer is 17 years old she just thinks she don't be long here in this world she always yell for no reason she always try kill herself

Dr. Michael works illusional center with patients.

Dr. Fernaodo also works with patients but he helps woth the shots and all that stuff

The Characters are below lols hope u like it :D '
sMH WOW :)
 DR. Fernado
DR. Fernado
 illusonal Center
illusonal Center
The Michael Jackson estate is tired of waiting for Lloyd's of London to pay out on the $17.5 million "This Is it" insurance policy -- so they're going after Lloyd's in court ... demanding they pay up, stat.

Lloyd's of London originally issued the policy to cover potential losses for MJ's 2009 "This Is It" concerts -- but earlier this year, the company asked an L.A. court to declare the policy null and void ... claiming MJ lied about his medical history and drug addiction.

Lloyd's insists the policy "was restricted to losses resulting from accident only" -- pointing out Michael's official cause of death was "homicide."

But the estate is now on the offensive -- filing a cross-complaint, claiming MJ never intended to die, whether door homicide of not, so his death still qualifies as an accident.

But the estate isn't just settling for the original $17.5 million -- they also want punitive damages. FYI, suing for punitive damages often scares the crap out of insurance companies.
posted by natasajackson
Told me that you're doin' wrong
Word out shockin' all alone
Cryin' wolf ain't like a man
Throwin' rocks to hide your hands

You ain't done enough for me
You ain't done enough for me
You are disgustin' me, yeah yeah
You're aiming just for me
You are disgustin' me
Just want your cut from me
But too bad, too bad

Look who just walked in the place
Dead and stuffy in the face
Look who's standing if u please
Though u tried to bring me to my knees

Too bad too bad about it
Why don't u scream and shout it
Too bad too bad about it
Why don't u just scream and shout it
Too bad too bad about it
Why don't u scream and...
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posted by koolkat-1104
Smile, though your hart-, hart is aching
Smile, even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
You'll get by...

If u smile
With your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If u just...

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time u must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If u just...

Smile, though your hart-, hart is aching
Smile, even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
You'll get by...

If u smile
Through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If u just smile...

That's the time u must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If u just smile
The mega-lawyer who successfully defended Michael Jackson in his molestation case is coming out swinging at Dr. Murray's defense team -- blaming MJ's death squarely on Murray because the singer was "not suicidal."

Thomas Mesereau went on MSNBC today -- and stated, "The defense lawyers have to do something and what they're gonna try and do is reflect attention away from their client and onto Michael Jackson."

He adds, "The reality is Michael Jackson was not suicidal, he was not self-destructive in the way they're trying to say, and hopefully their defense will not succeed."

For the record, Mesereau's "suicidal" statement is not accurate -- because according to our sources, the defense will argue that Michael MAY have accidentally killed himself after trying to self-administer Propofol ... but he was not suicidal.

Perhaps Mesereau's strongest commentaar -- "I'm sorry that the defense is going to have to bash Michael Jackson to try and divert attention from their guilty client."
Michael Jackson could live again on the big screen -- TMZ has learned a former Jackson associate is trying to koop around a full-length movie featuring unseen rehearsal footage from MJ's 1981 concert series.

The man behind the deal is Ron Newt -- who claims he was so close with Michael, that the singer gave him special behind-the-scenes footage from Jackson's 1981 Triumph Tour.

Now, after seeing the success of "This Is It " -- Newt tells TMZ he's put together a 64-minute feature film from his footage ... which includes several candid moments involving MJ and his brothers. Michael can also be seen dancing, singing and directing the stage production.

Newt tells us he's already getting offers from several interested parties -- with proposals reaching into seven figures.
posted by 2468244
Ow… ow
I took my baby
On a Saturday bang
Boy is that girl with you
Yes we’re one and the same

Now I believe in miracles
And a miracle
Has happened tonight, he

But if
You’re thinkin’
About my baby
It don’t matter if you’re
Black of white

They print my message
In the Saturday sun
I had to tell them
I ain’t seconde to none

And I told about equality
And it’s true
Either you’re wrong
Or you’re right, he

But if
You’re thinkin’
About my baby
It don’t matter if you’re
Black of white, he
He, he

I am tired of this devil
I am tired of this stuff
I am tired of this business
Girl when the
Going get rough...
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TMZ has learned tons of Michael Jackson fans are descending upon MJ's tomb on the 1-year anniversary of his death -- even though they've been banned from the mausoleum.

As we previously reported, Forest Lawn Cemetery -- where Jackson is entombed -- claims they've adopted a new policy in which security is instructed to remove anyone hanging out in front of the King of Pop's mausoleum.

But a rep for Justice4MJ -- the fan group organizing the mass pilgrimage -- tells TMZ they are "absolutely" still going to visit the singer's burial place on the big dag .. June 25th.

A rep for Forest Lawn tells us they have not yet figured out how they plan to handle the MJ anniversary ... but they will work with the Jackson family and abide door their wishes.

As for the MJ fans, one member of the group tells us, "Nothing will stop us from being with MJ on the 25th!"
posted by 2468244
She was meer like a beauty queen from a movie scene
I zei don't mind, but what do u mean I am the one
Who will dance on the floor in the round
She zei I am the one who will dance on the floor in the round

She told me her name was Billie Jean, as she caused a scene
Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one
Who will dance on the floor in the round

People always told me to be careful what u do
And don't go around breaking young girls' hearts
And mother always told me to be careful who u love
And be careful what u do 'cause the lie becomes the truth, hey

Billie Jean is not my...
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Sun comes up on this new morning
Shifting shadows, a songbird sings
And if these words couldn't keep u happy
I'd do anything

And if u feel alone, I'll be your shoulder
With a tender touch, u know so well
Somebody once said, it's the soul that matters
Baby who can really tell, when two hearts belong so well?

And maybe the walls will tumble
And the sun may refuse to shine
But when I say, I love you
Baby u gotta know
That's for all time
Baby u gotta know
That's for all time

Moon shines down on this good evening
One warm kiss in the cold night air
For this good love i'm recieving
I'd go anywhere
Just as...
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I Thought She Had To Have It
Since The First Time She Came
Who Knows The Situation
Mysteries Do Remain
And Now I Wonder Why
I Breakdown When I Cry
Is It Something I Said
Or Is It Just A Lie
(Is It Just A Lie)

I Try So Hard To Love You
Some Things Take
Time And Shame
I Think The Whole World
Of You
Your Thoughts Of Me Remain
I'll Play The Fool For You
I'll Change The Rules For You
Just Say It And I'll Do
Just Make This
Thing Come True
(Make A Dream Come True)

If I Let Her Get Away
Though I'm Begging
On My Knees
I'll Be Crying Everyday
Knowing The Girl
That Got Away

I Can't Let
I Can't Let Her Get Away
I Can't Let
I Can't...
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