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 Michael handcuffed ;(
Michael handcuffed ;(
u know, the whole Arvizo family was just crazy. They zei that Michael saved them and then they zei that he molested and kidnapped them. The Arvizo mother, Janet, wanted all her kids to be actors. And that's what this family was, a bunch of actors trying to get celebrity money any way they could. When they saw that Michael's weakness was children, (in a good way! Michael could NEVER resist helping, of giving something to a child), so they zei that Gavin's dying wish, (Gavin had cancer)was to see Michael Jackson, (even though there were a few other people higher on their lists) and of course...
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Chapter 14,

April 13, 2007,

We've been here in Las Vegas for about two months now and just moved into a rental house a week and a half geleden because we had been living in a hotel. AEG entertainment division is paying all our bills until we get moving on the whole "Michael Jackson hotel" as planned last year.

It was 12 o'clock at night and I was wide awake because I had taken a nap earlier. I looked out the window and walked back and forth. I zei to myself "this is so boring, I need something to do!" I looked back out the window and then looked at my bedroom door. I walked out of my room and down...
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Dear diary roses are red,Violets are blue. Michael Jackson is the only person that makes my hart-, hart feel warm and happy.His muziek brings happiness to my soul.Everytime i dream about him at night, I can never wait to go to sleep to see his face one meer time and tell him how much I love him. His eye's remind me of a dark chocolate moon with stars at night that shine so bright.Everytime he smiles , I feel like I can fly so high in the sky.When I dance to his muziek i feel like cinderella dancing with him while my hart-, hart would be beating fast.When i fly with him,I feel like i am Tinkerbell and he...
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[Verse 1:]
I was alone in the dark when I met ya
Uuuuuuuuuuh uuuuuuh
You took my hand and u told me u loved me
Uuuuuuuuuuh uuuuuuh

I was alone, there was no love in my life
(I was alone, there was no love in my life)
I was afraid of life and u came in time
(I was afraid of life and u came in time)
You took my hand and we kissed in the moonlight
(You took my hand and we kissed in the moonlight)
Uuuuuuuuuuh uuuuuuh

I like the way how you're holdin' me
It doesn't matter how you're holdin' me
I like the way you're lovin me'
It doesn't matter how u are lovin' me
I like the way how you're touchin'...
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