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This Michael Jackson foto might contain berenvel, kolbak, shako, and berenpels busby.

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 J5 MJ ( What he looks like in the story)
J5 MJ ( What he looks like in the story)
" Daddy's Home"

Fancy's P.O.V

Felicity and I were watching TV, minding our own business, when we heard the door unlock.

" Mother?" I said, opening the door. I was disappointed to see it was only my father, shoving me aside with his briefcase.

" I'm not your mother , u idiot. I'm your father, move!" He yelled, shoving me aside.

I fell against the uithangbord and hit my head. Felicity got mad and grabbed my hand. He let out a devious laugh while he looked at me.

" Come on, Fancy! If we don't leave now, we'll never make it!" She said, opening the door and running out. I don't know where else we could...
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