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Michael even used wear dark make up to hide his lighter skin in early days
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This Michael Jackson foto might contain concert.

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I touch your soft, smooth, warm skin. My fingers tingle, my hart-, hart skips a beat. You're blissfully asleep. Your beautiful face arest and calm. Gourgous chocolate cloloured, almond-shaped eyes closed. Full, hoofdkussen, kussen lips silghtly opened, breathing quiet breaths. Your cute, silky black curls fall to the side and infront of u angel face.
I wonder what u dream about... Songs, world peace.. all of these beautiful things.
You do a deep sigh, slightly making me jump. You're an angel. I trace your perfect jawline. I wonder if u can feel my gentle touches? If u can, do u like it? I gently...
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- He always wanted to just bring people together… And the concept came about holding hands, like uniting, making this long chain, people getting together…that connection as one. … "This life don’t last forever" (verse from song) ... u gotta make the best of it and leave something behind that people can really cherish.

Akon, on the unreleased song "Hold My Hand"

- You're an angry dancer. There's rage in your feet.

Fred Astaire, after watching Jackson's performance at Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (25 March 1983)

-We're close, he's a good friend of mine, we definitely have a connection...
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When Richard Nixon died in 1994, The Times observed that he had "resuscitated his reputation and emerged as an elder statesman," but "he never got his freeway back."

The reference was to California 90, between the 405 Freeway and jachthaven, marina del Rey, which state lawmakers had named in his honor in 1971.

In 1976, with Nixon's image tarnished door Watergate, lawmakers quietly responded to the request of local Chamber of Commerce officials and took his name off the 2.5-mile roadway. The Nixon Freeway became the jachthaven, marina Freeway.

The episode illustrates how naming a geographical place in honor of a living...
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