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This Michael Jackson foto might contain groene baret, speciale krachten, elite soldaat, and speciale troepen.

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finally jasmijn faye and ari arrived at the concert erea at the park inside the indoors basketbal court jasmijn had unfortunatlly didnt ourchase front row seats because they were all gone so the got around middle row.the moment the girls sat down michael arrived he wwent in through the back door and went behind the stage set up.the lights lowered and michael got on stage the crowd went wild for michael but michael was frantically looking for jasmine..but he couldnt wast time so he came back to focuse :michael:good afternoon new york!!!!! today i will be singing off the new album BAD and i...
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WARNING! Extremely erotic & suggestive content inside! Michael gets naked! Ok, not really but he might as well since he rips his overhemd, shirt a few times and works his body like he is making love. Please enjoy responsibly!
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