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posted by cherl12345
 The Master hol, den At Michael's House
The Master Den At Michael's House
As Maris was browsing through Michael's C.D. collection, there was quite a selection to choose from leaving her to pick a few ranging from classical to old school R&B, but it was hard to choose. Meanwhile, Michael made two stops at Hunan King for some Chinese food and KFC before heading to Martoni's in order to pick the Key limoen, kalk pie for dessert. While driving down Rodeo drive, Michael made a stop at a local gas station, so he could get some gas; in addition, to purchasing 2-Liter bottles of Coke and Sprite.

Michael had originally anticipated just having lunch with Maris; in addition, to...
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posted by MJisLove4life
Best of Joy - Lyrics

I am your joy
Your best of joy
I am the moonlight
You are the spring
Our love's a sacred thing
You know I always will love you

I am forever
I am the one who came when u fell down
I was the only one around (the only one)
When things would hurt you

I am forever
Wasn't it I who zei that u were free?
When living seemed so hard to be
And things would hurt you

I am forever (I am forever)
We are forever (We are forever)

I am your friend
Through thick and thin
We need each other
We'll never part
Our love is from the heart
We never say I don't need you

We are forever
I am the one who zei that you...
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posted by mjfanforever22
michael starts to ask michelle a vraag michelle is now all ears to hear the vraag that michael is asking her after michael trys to stop blushing but he's finding it hard to stop michael askes michelle if she wanted to be his girl and michelle is soo excited that michael has asked her this vraag she says yes of course michael is now happy that michael jackson wants her to be his girl mihcael starts to reach inside his pocket and pulls out a silver diamond ring its soo beautiful that the diamond is glowing in the sunlight michelle is dazzled door it and now is speechless from see such...
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 Michael wants to protect Diane and his children at all cost....
Michael wants to protect Diane and his children at all cost....
Michael wrapped his arms tightly around Diane as she sobbed. Michael didnt really want to die during this whole ordeal but if it meant saving Diane and his children he'd do it. Michael eventually loosend his grip, breaking the embrace. He then cupped Diane's face with both hands. "Diane look at me." Michael zei softly. Diane did as she was told and looked at him with red, teary, puffy eyes. "I'm not saying whtever is going on will lead to something like that...but if something were to happen id rather it happen to me...not you." Michael said. "But why you????....i dont want to lose you."...
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posted by JulietAtHeart
 Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
Written door me, JulietAtHeart, on 6-29-09

MICHAEL JACKSON: A Hero and More....

I NEVER, EVER believed in any of those ASININE stories that were told of Michael Jackson. Mr. Jackson WAS Ever So INNOCENT in my eyes, and it was SO CLEAR that these people, who FALSLY ACCUSED HIM, were ALL & ONLY after HIS money, and to TRY to destroy his career. HAH! First of all, we have the 10 Commandments from Our Living God with whom Michael believed in immensely! THAT Commandment, which is the 9th Commandment, says "Thou shalt not beer false witness against thy...
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posted by the_best_Lover
Yesterday, I was reading a Michael Jackson's special edition, released last jaar on the anniversary of his death.

The book has 70 pages, is very well written, tells all of his life story, talks about the creative process of all albuns, his personal life, lots of great pictures, some of them are rare, and the auteur didn't washed the dirty laundry, like accusing him of offend him.

But at the intro, he says that "Michael was accused of crimes that -now we know- never happened. He needed to die to prove he was alive -and innocent."

And it really makes sense. He spent the rest of his life trying to...
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The Way She Came Into The Place
I Knew Right Then And There
There Was Something Different
About This Girl

The Way She Moved
Her Hair, Her Face, Her Lines
Divinity In Motion

As She Stalked The Room
I Could Feel The Aura
Of Her Presence
Every Head Turned
Feeling Passion And Lust

The Girl Was Persuasive
The Girl I Could Not Trust
The Girl Was Bad
The Girl Was Dangerous

I Never Knew But I Was
Walking The Line
Come Go With Me
I zei I Have No Time
And Don't u Pretend We Didn't
Talk On The Phone
My Baby Cried
She Left Me Standing Alone

She's So Dangerous
The Girl Is So Dangerous
Take Away My Money
Throw Away My Time
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posted by mjrocks13
Who is Michael Jackson,

Michael Jackson, was and still is a great man. Hes my idol I love him like a freind. I remeber when I first saw him. It was when I was * yeahrs old . THRILLER, was on the tv. I remember staring at the tv in horror. That video had scared the hell out of me . As i got older I remember going back and wathcing thriller again. thats when i realized that that "scary" man moved like an angel. He was amazing. I fell in love after that. every dag i watch his videos. marveling at the beauty.How can one man snatch my hart-, hart up like that?

I remember the dag he ...died. I dont think...
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