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big smile
The1listener zei …
I had been waiting so long for the releasing of the documentary on dvd since I saw the premiere in the german tv program. I bought it at the begin of the summer holidays and it´s still so awsome!! geplaatst een jaar geleden
big smile
Jack5sonsluvr94 zei …
i have the bad25 album with the t-shirt its fliping awsome! geplaatst een jaar geleden
big smile
mjjs_sweetheart zei …
im gettin the bad 25 anniversery box set for Christmas! geplaatst een jaar geleden
mjjanet commentaar gegeven…
great,I wish I could be like u :'( een jaar geleden
MJisLove4life commentaar gegeven…
Believe me when u get it your going to be so surprise with all of the cool things thats in it. I got it the dag it was released and i was so happy. Its awsome and the concert is so cool 1. Because its Michael Freaking Jackson 2. Its The 80's which i love & 3. Its His Bad Era ;) Which Everyone Loves een jaar geleden
cherl12345 commentaar gegeven…
I got if from the librarym and I'm making my mother a copy of it een jaar geleden
The1listener commentaar gegeven…
I got it to my 15th birthday, I like it so much! een jaar geleden