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posted by steph86
Bang, bang, bang!
Bang, bang!

Your fingers on the trigger
Your eyes on the prize
Your sign says bring your backwards cap
Can't hide that dirty mind

You're scoping me
You're throwing me
Right in your line of fire

Your empties on the table
Your ego fills the bar
Another round might take me down
You're close but no cigar

You're playing me, relentlessly
Pushing it up to the wire

Can't u see
My hart-, hart is bulletproof

You're shooting blanks
There's no boom to your bang
Shooting blanks!

You won't hear those angels sing
Your Casanova cowboy game is on
And those lines you're shelling ain't real bullets cause

You're shooting...
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posted by steph86
Honey, I dont know why
Its taken all this time to figure out
But darlin', the tears and the sweat
Were just bricks that we let weigh each other down
The highs and the lows
Baby dont we know it well
But what we've built together
Makes us stronger than ever

I'm fallin' all over again for you
And baby dont u know the truth is
I'm hoping your hart-, hart will catch mine when I do
When I do, cause I'm fallin' all over again, baby for you

Baby, we've had out share of the
Battles that wear us both to the ground
But lately, ive come to find
That ol' flame in your eyes hasnt flickered out
Theres not a line...
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Mickie and her baby meet James Storm
mickie james
posted by steph86
If u came here looking for something
Laid back sweet and slow
Before this thing gets rolling
Something u oughta know

Might be a little too though for you
Might be a little too fast
'Cause I live every single night
Like it might be my last
If u think u can handle that

Here we go baby
Come on!
Gonna get crazy
When I do it
I damn sure do it up right
Start with a rock and roll party
Mix in a whole lot of naughty
Stir it up
'Til it feels just right
And u just might have the best damn night of your life

So if you're seconde guessing
Better walk away right now
'Cause once this rocket launches
Ain't no...
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added by steph86
added by steph86
Somebody's gonna pay for the way that u walked on me
Somebody's gonna pay for the way that u lied
Somebody's gonna learn that something u just don't do to me
Somebody's gonna pay for the way that I cried

The only way to get back at u is with someone new
Someone who can be there all the time
I know it's wrong and assuring it's cruel
But I'm gonna break your hart-, hart the same way u did mine

Somebody's gonna pay for the way that u walked on me
Somebody's gonna pay for the way that u lied
Somebody's gonna learn that something u just don't do to me
Somebody's gonna pay for the way that I cried...
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posted by steph86
Baby tell me how this love got so tough
Cant u believe that my all was enough
My hart-, hart is broken and my face is in my hands
So many unspoken words ill never understand

Baby baby dont apologize
Sometimes we have to slikken our pride
It says it all in your eyes
But I just cant let u see me cry
Cause I really dont wanna say goodbye
And it hurts me so baby please please
Dont apologize

Its not easy and I dont wanna let go
But before I do theres something u should know
Someday you'll look back and see what you've done
The life u missed out on could've been the one

Baby baby dont apologize
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posted by steph86
I just cant get used to livin' in this ring
Round after round with no referee
And I'm tired of havin' no one in my corner
Blood, sweat, and tears are fallin'
No one to wipe me down no
Its a dirty game we play and the punches sting
Jab left, jab right
klok, bell never rings

You break me down I watch u cry
Its a vicious cycle baby arent u tired
My gloves are comin' off this aint no life
Even if it means we die
I call the fight

I'm gonna lay my weapons down now at your feet
Get up, walk away
Baby dont call my name
Gonna find a love that's soft and soothing
To touch my skin, kiss my lips
Maybe I'll...
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added by steph86
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posted by steph86
Lately I've been avoiding you.
I know I ain't been telling u the truth.
I never thought I'd do the things you've done.
I never thought I'd be the livid one.

Well I've caught u door surprise.
And it sure will hurts don't it?

You're standing there,
With tears all down your face.
Have u noticed?
There's a bare spot in that place.

Cause I've stood there myself so many times.
Searching for words to change your mind.
So I know just how you're feeling at this moment.

Hurts don't it?

Don't it knock u down?
Don't it take your breath away?
To help me turn my back on you.

Well you're begging my to stay.
Don't it...
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posted by steph86
u musta got your play book
From a tabloid magazine
Full of trashy lies
And schemin' behind the scenes
u were hittin' on my baby
The first time I turned my back
Did u really think that I
Was gonna let u get away with that

You're a dumb bitch
u must think that I am like a smart bitch
Wouldnt step across that line
Cuz this teef is gonna cut u down to size
Teach u not to mess with whats mine
u dumb bitch

I'm a good woman
Lookin' in a no good womans eyes
u knew what u were doin'
Now its too late to apologize
Maybe this'll teach you
Not to try that trash again
And save another...
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posted by steph86
This ain't a happy song
y little sing-a-long
The kind u put
The top, boven down to

It ain't a feel good
Happy ending Holywood
Story where the dreams come true

It ain't a candle-lit
Michael Bolton hit
Meant to get u in the mood

This is the bad ass
Mad as hell song
I'm dedicating to you

I hope it makes u squirm
I hope it makes u cry
Gets all up in your head
And keeps u up at night
I hope it breaks your heart
Just like u broke mine
And u come crawling back
So I can sing u my
I'm gone song

This is the best song anybody, anywhere
Is ever gonna write about you
So real, so true
So much feeling in it too
It doesn't...
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posted by steph86
I got a fast car, bas, bass cranked hard
Ive got green lights
Up and down the boulevard
Ive got a fast car, and I know how to drive it
All the boys sneak a peak
Whey they pull up volgende to me
I just give them a little wink

I'm going out, out of my mind
Whats it to you
I'm driving along to a freedom song
Sweet hallelujah, hallelujah

Ive got a leather skirt, blouse buttoned to flirt
Ive got six inch heels
Like a lady at work
Ive got a leather skirt, and I know how to use it
All the boys stop and stare
Through the tinted window glare
Hit the gas, leave ‘em sitting there

I'm going out, out of my mind
Whats it to you
I'm driving along to a freedom song
Sweet hallelujah, hallelujah

I'm going out, out of my mind
Whats it to you
I'm driving along to a freedom song
Sweet hallelujah, hallelujah

Freedom song, hallelujah
Ive got a fast car
Ive got a leather skirt
Ive got a freedom song
Its been awhile, since I took the time out
u must think I forgot how
To make u feel the way I used to
Nothing else mattered but you
Well tonight that woman u used to know
She'll be waiting for you, when u get home

Ill barely give u time to get through the door
Then ill lead u down the hall, for a little more
And ill love you, I'm gonna love you, so right
You'll be glad you're mine
When u come home pagina tonight

We wont need candles, we wont need words
Forget about dinner, just let it burn
I'm gonna be a little busy, taking my time
Whatever u want baby, ill let u decide
Gonna make...
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posted by steph86
Why is that man taking up my time
Breaking me down cause he's beggin' for a dime
Why don't he get a job

Why is that girl holdin' up the line
Don't she know I got somewhere to be
Got a busy life
Why don't she hurry up

Sometimes it feels like they're all against me
Standing in my way

What if these strangers are telling me something
Oh I gotta slow up I'm always in a rush
What if the strangers are really my lessons
And the little I have is gonna be enough
Maybe I should be thankful
And stop being so ungrateful
For all of these strangers
'Cause what if they're angels
What if they're angels from above...
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posted by steph86
I drive a Chevrolet pick up truck
American made that's how I was raised up
I like the boys with the southern drawl
Lord knows it's sexy when they say hallo yall

I don't get into no politics
I like to kick it out in the sticks
Gotta have a little maïsbrood on my plate
I come from the country, hey, hey

Are u with me, can u feel me
Do u like bandit and his trans am
Hank and the Bama Band
Are u home pagina grown, yeah, are u country strong
Are u loud are u proud, is this a party crowd
I wanna know right now
Are u with me

I party hard on Saturday
Make a little with my hands to earn my pay
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