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{Jacob's POV}
Long ago...as long as I could remember, my earliest memory of myself was that I was alone. I was in fetus position inside of a bubble traveling through the galaxy. Not knowing where I came from of where I was going. I was asleep inside that bubble until a bright light forced me to wake up. It was silence all around me and I moved around from within that bubble as I was headed to this beautiful round place below. That bright light was the sun. I'm sort of glad that It woke me because I would have missed the big beautiful round place that me and my bubble was heading to. My eyes were lit up. It was a sight to see.
Maybe I will make some vrienden here I told myself as the bubble and I were heading towards the beautiful round world. The pressure from the sky of clouds was making it difficult for me to breathe as crotched into my vorige position and hoped for a better landing.
{5 minuten later}
I kept my eyes closed and remained in fetus position until i knew it was safe. It was quiet until heard weird sounds surrounding me. (crickets chirping) I opened my eyes and relaxed. I sat up inside my bubble and looked around. It was dark with some lights scattered about. I was curious yet frightened. The noises were frightening me so I crouched back into fetus position and went to sleep until the darkness disappeared.
{The volgende Day}
I woke up and i heard some lovely noises around me. (birds chirping) I woke up and looked around. There were alot of tall, green things. I got up and started to walk. My legs were wobbly from being crouched for a long time. My bubble that i was secured in had disappeared for now. I had to use the restrooom so i did so door the tree. After i used the bathroom I wondered around in new evironment hoping that I would find some new vrienden somewhere.
{Bahja's POV}- At Sunnyside Daycare
*sighs* Me and my girls were coloring in our coloring boeken and talking about those boys who pick on us. Rayan and Chres. Rayan was a really bad kid with two long ponytails in braids and always had a brand new lolipop each dag and would never share with anyone. Well except me. I hated him but he likes me likes me and i don't like him like him back. His friend Chres was ok he was nice to me but he would only be mean to me when rayan was around. Today is Craig's last dag at Sunnyside. I'ma gonna miss him. He says that he's going to live with his mom so we're all making goodbye craig cards and pictures so he will remember us when he leaves.
Me: Guys, it's so sad that Craig is leaving.
Nique: I know right. It feels like a part of me is slowly dying of something.
Lourdes: OH MY GAWD nique don't say that.
Nique: Say what?
Lourdes: *whispers* the word "dying" that's a bad word.
Me: Lolo, dying is NOT a bad word.
Lourdes: Says who?
Me: Says people. *colors picture*
Lourdes: *shakes head* Whatever *continues coloring*
Reginae: So what are u guys coloring for craig?
Me: I'm coloring him a spiderman picture. He LOVES spiderman.
Nique: I'm drawing a picture of him and the class.
Lolo: Oooo that's awesome niquey
Nique: Thanx.
*rayan walks over to the girls tafel, tabel and chres walks over there after him*
(Ray slams tafel, tabel scaring the girls and chuckles)
Nique: RAY!!!! STAWP. u scared us.
Me: I know, and u messed up my spiderman picture for craig.
Ray: *removes lolly from his mouth* So?
Lolo: SO? u big meanie. Go away.
Ray: Nah. I came to check on my baby.
Reginae: YO baby? She don't want anyting to do with you.
Ray: Like hell she is.
Chres: *chuckles*
Ray: Who u gonna tell? Miss Gamble? *laughs aloud*
Me: What's so funny rayan?
Ray: Well Miss Gamble in a grown up meeting and she don't wanna be disturbed.
I looked around to see if he was lying because he is a known liar. I couldn't see her around so i guess i'l just believe him for now.
Chres: So are u girls drawing pictures and making cards for craig's goodbye?
Reginae: DUH chres. Can't u tell?
Chres: Well dang nae nae, all i ask was a vraag u didnt have to be a big meanie.
Nae: I'm NOT a big meanie. It was pretty ovious.
Me: door the way chres, where is craig?
Chres: Oh. Um craig is---
Ray: Bae, why u worried about craig when u should be worried about me?
Me: *disgusted* Cuz i'm not your bae.
Ray: Yes u iz my bae. u sexy piece of chocolate!
(ray puts his lolly back in his mouth and comes near my zitplaats, stoel and tries to kiss me on my lips. He removed his lolly again and shouted at chres to hold it for him so he could kiss me)
Me: *leans back in disgust* EWWWW RAYAN LEAVE ME ALONE!
Nique: Come on girls we gotta help bahja!
All the girls got up out of their seats to try and help me out. I don't want to be kissed my rayan, but unfortunately when we were alone it already happened.
*Flashback*- straal, ray and Bahja First Kiss scene (Bahja's POV)
It was evening time and raining when most of the kids at daycare were already gone. Nobody but me, my sister lolo and rayan was left. I had just zei good-bye to craig cuz he was just leaving.
Ms. Gamble: Bahja sweetie!
Me: Yes ma'am.
Ms. Gamble: Your mom just called. She zei she's on her way but she's gonna be a little late.
Me: Ok
Mom is usually never late but i guess sometimes parents can't always be on time. Kiloni, this japan looking girl is usually the first to be picked up. Anyways lolo was kinda tired and so she was sleep on a mat near the front where Ms. Gamble was. Almost all of the lights were off in the center except near the bathroom. Rayan was around somewhere but i didn't know where. So i looked around to go find him because i was bored.
Me: RAYAN, where are you? *walks and looks around*
Me: RAYAN--- *muzzled*
Somebody had grabbed me near the entrance of the boy's bathroom. My mouth was covered and my chest area had a hand across it. I looked everywhere just to see who it was. When they whispered in my ear i knew exactly who it was. It was that darn rayan.
Rayan: hallo bae, i been looking for you.
u big dummy, i was looking for u and why are u touching me like that?
He slowly released me from his embrace and turned me around. He looked into my eyes and touched my face like how my mom touches me and lolo's face. It was weird. NOBODY was supposed to do that except my family. When rayan did that to me i was confused. I didn't know what to do.
Me: Rayan where were u? I was looking everywhere for you.
Rayan: SHHHHH. *whispers* Be quiet.
Me: WHY? I mean *whispers* why?
Rayan: Becuz, I don't want to wake your sister up.
Me: Oh. Ok.
It made sense to me during the time ok?
He reached his little hand out and grabbed my and guided me inside the girls bathroom. He closed the door and turned off the lights. I was scared and tried to run to the door but he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. I couldn't see him but i knew that he was there near me. I heard something ruffling. I guess it was wrappers from all the lollypops he had today and he stored them in his pants pocket. Then i heard flickering. It was a light from a small candle. It was weird cuz there was no brand coming from it. He held the fake candle up to our faces as we looked each other in the eyes as our faces continued to glow and our brown eyes sparkled.
I must admit that rayan was a cutie but he was bad news.
Rayan: Here hold the light while I do something.
Me: Um ok.
I held onto that light like a dummy. Then i felt something cold slithering up my shirt. Rayan gently pushed me towards the uithangbord of the girls bathroom as he was feeling ove my chest and I let him. I didn't know what to expect. I was confused. I wanted him to cut it out but then at the same time it felt kinda good minus his cold hands.
Rayan: *whispers* Do u like it?
Me: Like what?
Rayan: *bites lip* Me playing with u titties?
Rayan: u know, what girls have on they chest?
Me: *disgusted and pops ray's hand* EW rayan, stop doing that.
He removed hi hand from my overhemd, shirt and came really close to my face. Boy was i nervous. He looked into my eyes and planed his lips onto mine. We kissed as a wave of emotions flew through us and i accidently dropped the fake candle on the bathoom floor. straal, ray didn't seem to mine, as he rememeber where my face was and held it into his hands and kissed my lips like mommy does with daddy. Then after five minuten of kissing. I wiped my mouth off in disgust and rayan grabbed the fake candle and walked back over to me with a smile on his face.
Rayan: hallo bae?
Me: What? u know that's not my name.
Rayan: Yea I know. I just like callin u that becuz you're my bae.
Me: What's a bae?
Rayan: It's short for baby. I mean you're not a baby, but you're a bae. Which means we go together.
Me: Wh-who says we go together?
Rayan grabbed my hand and kissed it like prince charming did in the movie shrek. Except he was around daddy's age. Rayan is one jaar older than me so i guess it's ok if he kissed my hand.
Rayan: I do. Me and you. We go together.
Me: But how?
Rayan: Cuz I kissed you. That's why.
Me: *confused* um ok.
Rayan: So u my bae right?
Me: Um, sure.
He cheesed and reached out my hand so we could leave the dark and scary bathroom. I can't believe i got my first kiss at the tender age of four years old. He kissed me on the cheek and tried to go for my lips again but i kinda swerved him as we are outside of the bathroom and straal, ray closed the door behind him. I looked around to make sure lolo of Ms. Gamble wasn't around. It seems like they weren't. straal, ray caught me off guard and tapped my shoulder causing me to jump.
Me: HUH?
Ray: *offers lolipop* u wanna lolly?
They do look tempting. He would always carry around lollypops. 10 at the most. His favoriete kind were Blow pops and dum dums. druif was his favoriete flavor since it matched his faorite color purple. My favoriete color is roze so he offered me a watermeloen lolly.
Me: *accepts lolly* Thanks ray.
Ray: You're welcome.
We walked hand in hand up to the front of the daycare as if nothing had happened.
Lolo was waking up and i quickly let go of ray's hand. I didn't want her to know what me and rayan was doing awhile ago. She would be the first to tell mom about this and i didn't want to get into trouble.
[flashback over]
Me: So now this nigga is trying to kiss me. All my girls and the other kids sort knew that rayan likes me. I don't know why he's trying to kiss me in public, but it's embarrasing. Ms. Gamble made her way over to our section and had breaken us up.
Ms. Gamble: CHILDREN, CHILDREN. What is going on?
Lolo: *points at ray* Ms. Gamble, straal, ray trying to kiss my sister and he's being mean to us.
Ms. Gamble: *hands on hips* Rayan, what is the meaning of this? Haven't i told u to stop bothering the other childrren?
Ray: Yes, but i had to tell bae something really important ms. gamble.
Ms. G: Really rayan?
Ray: *smiles innocently* yes madam.
Ms. G: *sighs* alright. If it's fine with BAHJA and not bae.
Me: *shakes head* No, it's not alright. I don't want to speak to him.
I saw straal, ray looking really hard at me like he was angry as he shook his head at me but i didn't care. I didn't want anything to do with him. I'm now five years old and i know better. Ms. Gamble told us to get ready for lunch. Today we were having a special lunch for craig's good-bye.
We all took turns washing our hands as we stood in separate lines door gender. Both of the bathrooms were side door side and i looked near the boy's line and saw rayan behind chres as usual. Rayan stuck his middle finger up at me and i stuck my tongue out at him.
Chres and the other boys cracked up. That was so uncalled for.
Lolo: *starts to cry* MS. GAMBLE! MS. GAMBLE!
Everyone got quiet even lolo. There were low "Ooooooooooooooo's"
Ray: *walks up to nae* SO? I'on give a FUCK.
This isn't the first time rayan has zei bad words. He would say them often but not in front of the other teachers. He wasn't that bad but bad enough to curse in front of us.
Ms. Gamble and the other teachers were preparing lunch when kiloni went to go tell her to tell straal, ray to go in a corner and have silent time.
Ms. Gamble: Now what is it.
Kiloni: Ms. Gamble, straal, ray was saying bad words again.
Ray: Ms. Gamble, she's lying. I would never say bad words.
Now that was a flat out lie. We all heard it.
Ms. G: Is this true rayan? Were u saying bad words?
Rayan: *shakes head* No, Ms. Gamble.
Ms. G: Who all heard straal, ray say a bad word?
All the girls raised their hands and a few boys. Chres kept his hand down in loyalty to ray.
Ms. G: Ok, it's official. Majority rules, rayan go to time out for ten minutes.
Ms. G: u heard me. Ten minutes. No meer no less.
Ray: Well do i get to eat lunch?
Ms. G: Yes, but u need a time out mister. u have been misbehaving very badly.
Ray: *sad* ok
He walked slowly to the time out corner as the rest of us washed out hands and made our way to the lunch table.
Ms. Gamble: Today for lunch kids, Mr. Crippen dropped off some delicious vanilla cupcakes, some fried chicken, and a movie for us to watch!
Reginae: Mmm mm I love fried chicken.
Me: Wonder what kind of movie it will be?
Ms. G: The movie will be a surprise.
EB: Awwwwww
{Later on}
It's now 3 pm after we took a nap we watched the surprise movie. It was chicken little. It was a geat movie. Craig's dad showed up and it was time for him to leave us forever. We were gonna miss him.
Craig: *runs to papa craig* DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Papa Craig: hallo son! What's up?
Craig: The ceiling.
PC: *chuckles* Did u say good-bye to your friends?
Craig: *shakes head* Not yet.
PC: Well u better go and tell the little man.
Craig: O-tay.
Craig came running to me and my group. We all had our pictures and cards for him.
Nique: Dear craig, we're so sorry that you're leaving sunnyside.
Reginae: But we'll really, really miss you.
Lolo: Because u are a nice person and we love you.
Me: We made u cards and pictures so that u can remember us bye.
We put all the cards and pictures into a bag for him to carry. It wasn't heavy and he passed the bag to his dad so he could give us all individual hugs. This was one emotional day.
Craig: Thank u my friends. Thank u for making all these pictures and cards. I can't wait to read them all.
We all laughed. Rayan wasn't with us at the time as craig and his father waved good-bye and was about to head out and leave.
Ray: *pants* WHERE'S CRAIG?
Reginae: Why u wanna know? He's about to leave.
straal, ray runs off.
Me: *shouts after him* u BETTER HURRY UP. *laughs* I wonder what that was about?
Nique: He probably has a card of two to give to him.
Lolo: He didn't have anything in his hand tho.
I wonder what that boy was up too.
{Craig's POV}
As me and my dad were leaving the center we heard rayan running behind us and calling out my name. We stopped and he stopped and he was breathing hard. So hard that his lollypop fell onto the nasty ground.
Ray: *pants and looks around* Where's my----*looks on ground* OH SHI----I mean uh oh darn.
Me: Ray, what's up? I'm about to leave.
Ray: Yea, i know. I wanted to say good-bye.
Me: Good-bye.
Ray: Also i have something for you. *gives craig a white envelope*
Me: *confused* What's this?
Ray: Open it later. It's my um...ya know. Card thingy for your um departure.
Me: *smiles* Aww thanks ray, but to be honest you're the last person i didn't think that would give me a card.
Ray: Yea, well we all change in the end right?
Me: Um, i guess.
Ray: That's not all. I also have something i want to say to you.
Me: Well, what is it?
Ray: It's kind of "personal."
Me: Ok.
straal, ray signaled me to tell my dad to give us some privacy.
PC: How about u kids sit in the car and I'll keep an eye on u two.
Me: *smiles* good thinking dad.
We walked to the car as dad closed the door and reminded us that we had five minutes.
Me: Ok so what's up?
Ray: *twiddles thumbs* Well, i just want to apologize for all that bad stuff i did to you.
Me: Ok
Ray: And i'm sorry.
Me: and you're forgiven.
Ray: That's it?
Me: *nods head* yes, what do u want a medal?
Ray: No it's just. I thought u were gonna be mad at me.
Me: Well, i was but now all of that's in the past
Ray: I swear to u i will never, EVER do that stuff to u again.
Me: *laughs* of course, because u won't ever see me again.
Me: *chuckles* relax and yes that's what that means. My mom is at work and couldn't pick me up today so my dad is going to drive me far-far away from here so i can go live with her.
Ray: Ok, so how far is far away?
Me: Well dad says it's at least a state away from Disney World.
Ray: *happy* DISNEY WORLD!!!! Wow. u get to go to disney world craig?
Me: I zei a state away.
Ray: What's a state?
Me: A place where ppl live.
Ray: Oh ok. *extends hand* Well i'm going to miss u craig.
Me: And so will i. *shakes ray's hand* Just don't do those pranks and being mean to any of the new kids if u guys get any.
Ray: No problem. *smiles*
*PC knocks on window*
Me: Ok well our time is up.
Ray: Yea
*PC opens car door*
{Ray's POV}
I offered craig a fresh wrapped lollypop as a going away present. It was kers-, cherry flavored and he accepted it for the first time from me while attending sunnyside.
A few minuten later we zei our good-byes as i watched their car drive into the distance. He was a good kid. I felt a little guilty. I walked back inside the center and my crew i usually hang around were standing around waiting on me.
Me: What are yall looking at?
Nique: Nothing.
Me: Oh. He left.
Bahja: Did he ever say where he was going?
Me: He zei he was going to be a state away from Disney world.
All of them were excited. So was I. Have fun craig. Where ever u are. I'ma miss you.
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