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posted by Purple-Enderman
Hello there I'm GDTrekkie AKA Purple Enderman. u might have seen that Minecraft Story Mode came out door Telltale games.

When u play it u would see that it's meer cinematic then a real video game would be.

As I was thinking I figured out that a Minecraft Movie won't come out any time soon. The reason is because of the Story Mode.

They wanted to make it like a movie, but where u choose the story.

So now we think, "Is there going to be a Minecraft Movie?"

I would say "Not in a long time" because as a replacement they put the Story Mode. It would probably not get a lot of money as the Movie but they probably thought that it's easier to produce and less costs for production.

But this is my opinion and I don't think that I'll be seeing a Minecraft movie soon.
posted by EPICFAB1
What are ores, u say, right? Well, I'll tell u what ores are now...

Ores are collected for crafting, decorating and for other purposes, such as for tools and armour. Ore can also be combined to create a block of the material's type.

Coal - Used for furnaces, sometimes found on cliffs but also underground
Iron - Used for weaponry, armoury, decorating etc. Found underground.
Lapis Lazuli - Only used basically for dying wool. Found underground.
goud - Same uses as Iron, and when crafted into a weapon, tool of armour, easiest to enchant. Found underground.
Redstone - Used for advanced stuff e.g. piston door, and crafting pistons etc. Found underground.
Diamond - Same uses as Iron, best ore used for weapons, tools etc. Found underground.
smaragd, emerald - Rarest of ores in the Overworld, only used for decorating, crafting etc. Found underground.
Nether Quartz - Only found in the Nether, used for decorating, crafting etc.

Maybe this is enough information about ores!
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