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Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Mira
Happy birthday to you!
Hip, Hip, Horaayyyy!
I don't care if u think your birthday isn't a big deal I am so excited that my twin is turning 16! Gonna party! Woo Hoo :D

Today is super important cos u were put into the world and u are MY world! Honestly u mean so much to me, u will never understand how much I love you. So whenever I say 'I love you' of 'your beautiful' it is cos I mean it every single time. The only negative thing about u is u don't know how amazing u are! u need to start believing...
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 you're a cute little shit for making me love u so much♥
you're a cute little shit for making me love you so much♥
Okay so, I don't think I've ever wrote u an artikel before, Mira and your "facts" artikel made me wanna toon u just how much u mean to me and that no matter what, you'll always be my sister♥

I just wanna say that I don't care if you're fat of thin, I don't care if you're populair of not, I don't care what u think, I just want u to know that I'd always be here for u and that I loved u for who u are and that I don't want u to change. You're an original, an only copy ;)

And that's what makes you...You.
The artikel u geplaatst made just kind of...Stuck to me. It made me wanna help...
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"I'd rather be called a boy and play with paper airplanes
than be called a man and play with a girl's heart"~ Niall Horan

"Life is funny. Things change, people change, but u will
always be you, so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice
who u are for anyone"~ Zayn Malik

"I'm the kind of boy that can fall in love with any girl
because I love with the heart, not the eyes"~ Niall Horan

“I had this dream...that we had this new sixth member, for some reason, and he actually ended up being quite horrible! And he started a fight with me! And I wanted him to go away and none of the boys were helping...
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posted by Vamp_Fan_25
(I am sorry if this is really crap I am writing it on my iPad :P)
but that is not important because it is your birthday!
I was honestly so happy when u told me u were excited for your birthday for once! u deserve to have a magnificent day, u damn well deserve meer than most bitches. hehe
I can not believe u are already 17 :O when I first knew you, u were 14 and we first talked u were 15! can u believe that is two years that we have talked to each other? And even though I have never met u before u are like a sister to me.
I saw a video of this girl at my...
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To my one and only Mira<3

I honestly don't know where to begin because I have so much to say so I'm just going for it and hope u like what I have to say.

First we have known each other for some years now and through them we have had our ups and downs and even lost touch with each other but we have always found our way back to each other and I couldn't be meer happy about that because now not only do I have a best friend but I have a sister who is known as my wife and I wouldn't change it for anything.

You have been there for me through everything and always listened to what I have had to...
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 My HayleyTwin♥
My HayleyTwin♥
I honestly just don't know where to start this because I have so much to say but here it goes

On this site two years geleden we met and I still remember it when
I saw your wallpost I thought why does this girl want to talk to me?
But as time went on and we started to talk meer we become so
close and found out that we had so many things in common
and since then we have just got closer and closer every single day
Now we are so many celebs together and I can't imagine my life
without u in it. u have done so much for me over the past
two years and have always been there for me and I'm thankful for
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First of all Happy 17th Birthday to the best wife I could of ever asked for. I hope u have an amazing dag and get everything u want because u deserve all the good things in life and even more

I can never put into words how much I love u and how much u mean to me when I met u everything changed and for the better now I can't imagine life without u and I wouldn't want my life to be without you.

You have never failed to put a smile on my face even when I have been so low and u have listened and helped me and been door my side through everything and I can't thank u enough for that...
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 My family and I ate here, so yes it is a real place :)
My family and I ate here, so yes it is a real place :)
The first artikel I wrote was wayy too long so I decided to cut half of it and post it here.This is honestly the cutest story I've ever written. Mira, Ilysm <3 Lira Forever :**

We traveled quite a bit before we got to a place called, "Boardwalk pizza & Pasta". We traveled inside and sat down on a checked cloth covered table. "What sounds good to you, baby?" "Pasta first!" I grinned like a kid again because I absolutely loved Italian food ever since I was little. We were sitting in a small booth so I got up and sat volgende to Liam. "What're u doing?" "Nothing, it's just kind of awkward...
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 Mera <3
Mera <3
I promised Mira five months geleden I'd take her to Disneyland if she were to visit me in California. I'll do that later on in life. Telepathically, however I can fulfill that promise. of at least Liam can. ;) I don't remember much about Disneyland since I went there November of last year.I really loved writing this, btw!I'm sorry this is extremely long! If u read all of this, I love you! :** Enjoy! Xx

Mira's P.O.V:

One week. That's all the time me and Liam had together before he had to go on tour again.Because of this, Liam had decided we'd go somewhere special. I didn't have a clue as to where...
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posted by xayeishax
Does he tell u he loves when u least expect it?
Does he flutter your hart-, hart when he kisses your neck?
No scientist, of biology
It's obvious... When he's holding me
It's only natural, that I'm so affected...
Oh, and my hart-, hart won't beat again
If I can't feel him in my veins
No need to question, I already know

It's in his DNA, D-D-D-DNA
It's in his DNA
And he just takes my breath away, b-b-b-breath away
I feel it every day
And that's what makes a man
Not hard to understand
Perfect in every way
I see it in his face
Nothing meer to say
its in his d-d-dna

It's the blue in his eyes that helps me...
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posted by xayeishax
Mama told me not to waste my life
She zei spread your wings my little butterfly
Don't let what they say keep u up at night
And if they give u shh...
Then they can walk on by

My feet, feet can't touch the ground
And I can't hear a sound
But u just keep on running up your mouth, yeah

Walk, walk on over there
'Cause I'm too fly to care, oh yeah

Your words don't mean a thing
I'm not listening
Keep talking, all I know is

Mama told me not to waste my life
She zei spread your wings my little butterfly
Don't let what they say keep u up at night
And they can't detain you
'Cause wings are...
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Guess what happened 2 days ago???
It was our queens birthday!
I waited for this dag so long <333
Sorry Mira that I didn't congrat u earlier u know why XDDDDD

So I wish u all the beautiful things of the world!
There is to many of them for real but I found this beautiful poem and I thought why not I write that for Mira's birthday?

Happy birthday baby, I want to see that big beautiful smile upon your face, When u blow out the candle and I cut your birthday cake-
Happy birthday baby, I'm just wishing u a happy birthday with this happy
birthday song of mine,
Baby its your birthday, and I'm just wishing that you'll have a real good time-
Happy birthday baby, its your birthday that we're celebrating today,
its your birthday baby, its not just another day!
LY ♥ ♥ ♥
posted by aNNalovechuck
 Lets Partyyyy <33
Lets Partyyyy <33
Babeeee <33
Im having sweety exams so i don't coming online and imma missing u like crazy girl
but its okay cause we're always together door heart.
Today is a pretty special dag for all of us.
Our little babe mira turning 16 and that's gorgeous.
So I wanted to wish u as you're my besty and one of best people i know.
I also want to thank u for being always there for me and being my friend.
I will always be door your side gorgeous , crazy ,
fun , loud , special , weird , stunning and my one and only jesy and my ½ of Niam <33
We're mirann and we will always be together ,
forever always. Im...
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 ^-^ <33
^-^ <33

Gosh the dag is already here!!! ~~ Happy birthday my awesome ~ perfect Liyan :D


Today is the dag u stay happy ~
Today is the dag u turn 16 ~
Today is a special dag ~ One which only comes once a jaar ~
Hope yhuu have a briliam ~ fablouis ~ amazayn day!!!!
Today will be full of happiness & joy


Love ya birthday girl!! :***
 your flawless husband
your flawless husband
 icoon for u ~ sorry its not really good! i am not good in iconen editing! :P
Icon for you ~ sorry its not really good! i am not good in icons editing! :P
OMG! I just cant believe my magical & beautiful mira turned 16 day! OMFG! Happy 16th Birthday Mira!
May this jaar brings loads of smiles & happiness and luck to your life babe! <3
We love u forever ~ #Miratic

A lovely 'birthday princess' with such enchanting ways deserves the royal treatment on her special dag of days!
May your every Birthday wish come true! Warm Birthday greetings!

Mountain rain of summer heat,
Your friendship is the reason why I breathe.
Tell me dear what is sweet?
Is that u of your heartbeats?
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

I wish u well
I wish u peace
I wish u love...
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posted by agirl16
♡So this is my first time doing this but I decided to come up with quotes of my own and quotes from other sites about Mira!I'll post them every week for fun and we could maybe even use them for the spot! :D♡


♡She’s my best friend; if u break her heart, I’ll break your face♡

♡She's the kind of person we meet in life that make everything seem magical. Cherish her♡

♡When I count my blessings at Christmas, I think of vrienden like you♡

♡We are best friends. Always remember that if u fall, I will pick u up…after I finish laughing♡

♡M.I.R.A My Incredible Realest...
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posted by S8rah
Yo, my best friend, best friend 'til the very end
Cause best friends, best vrienden don't have to pretend
You need a hand, and I'm right there right beside you
You in the dark, I'll be the bright light to guide you
'Member the time, time, times sneaking out the house
All of the time, time, times that u had your doubts
And don't forget all the trouble we got into
We got something u can't undo, do

Laughing so damn hard
Crashed your dad's new car
All the scars we share
I promise, I swear

Wherever u go, just always remember
That u got a home pagina for now and forever
And if u get low, just call me whenever...
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posted by aNNalovechuck
We are, vrienden for life.
Hold that, deep inside
Let this, be a drive
To survive

And just stand, high and tall
Make sure u give your all
And if u ever fall
Know that i'm right here

We'll always be together, don't u worry
I'll always be door your side, don't u worry
The cirkel will never end, just know that we'll meet again
And we'll always be together, forever, always
I am here

Find me, in the sky
Destine with the moon and night
Your heartbeat is disguised as my

Be happy, and know that i'm
Watching u travel far and wide
Waiting for us to meet again.

We'll always be together, don't u worry
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posted by S8rah
 Your the Dani to my El
Your the Dani to my El
First of all I want to thank u Mira for being in my life
and for being a huge part of it I wouldn't know what to do
without you
A dag without u is like a jaar without rain
u are my everything
u never fail to make me smile everyday
My dag is complete when I see your wallpost
I never regret meeting u because now I can't see
life without u in it Mira
One dag we are going to be roomates In London and
carry out our Plan with the boys until then we are together
door heart
Our friendship will always be strong
I will never ever leave your side for anything
I will fight for u with everything I have

I know I tell u everyday Mira but Thank u for being
a great friend to me and always being there for me when
I have needed u I want u to always know I'm here for
u when u need me

and that I love u and your amazing Inside and out
your Unique and one of a kind no one could ever replace you

u will always be my Mrs.Payne
btw marry Liam already!
 u are my Liam<3
You are my Liam<3
 My Liz<3
My Liz<3
 Our Boys<3
Our Boys<3
 u are Mrs.Peazer
You are Mrs.Peazer
 Your amazing like her<3
Your amazing like her<3
 Your my Smosh Buddy<3
Your my Smosh Buddy<3
posted by Miraaa
hey Guys! So, I found this story on some website..and I really want to share it with u guys..it's a love story and I cried honestly,...
Enjoy <3333

I guess we are the left-overs in this world.

I think so...all of my vrienden have boyfriends, and we are the only the 2 people left in this world without any special person in our lives.

Yup, I don't know what to do.

I know! We'll play a game.

What game?

I'll be your girlfriend...
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