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I promised Mira five months geleden I'd take her to Disneyland if she were to visit me in California. I'll do that later on in life. Telepathically, however I can fulfill that promise. of at least Liam can. ;) I don't remember much about Disneyland since I went there November of last year.I really loved writing this, btw!I'm sorry this is extremely long! If u read all of this, I love you! :** Enjoy! Xx

Mira's P.O.V:

One week. That's all the time me and Liam had together before he had to go on tour again.Because of this, Liam had decided we'd go somewhere special. I didn't have a clue as to where he was taking me, but I hoped it was fun.

"Mira, are u ready, love?" Liam asked. "Ready as I'll ever be. Will u finally tell me where we're going?" I had pondered on whether I should ask him this vraag before I finally did. "Nope. I can't tell you.You'll have to find out for yourself. "I can promise u you'll find out soon enough, Mira," Liam zei as he kissed me softly.We walked hand in hand to the car. We were going to stay at this place the entire week apparently. "C'mon, babe. No need to complain. As soon as we get there u can take them off. Now, please hurry up since the trip will take about eight hours and the faster we do this, the faster we can get there," Liam said. "Fine. I'll wear the stupid blindfolds. But if we don't get there in eight hours, eight hours Liam. I'm taking them off and you'll be forced to tell me where we're going. Understood?" "I bet I can get there in exactly eight hours," Liam looked over at me while he put the car in reverse and smirked playfully. Is this a bet?" I asked raising my eyebrows at him,"You're on, Payne. But if I'll have to.." I thought for a second, "You'll have to buy me a Starbucks restaurant." "and if I win, I get a new turtle." "You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into, Liam James Payne." "Oh yes I do, Mira. It's on like Donkey Kong!" He yelled and we drove off into the sunset.

"And Live While We're Youn-gg!" I half screamed the lyrics through the car's open window. "Nice singing, Mira. I think my ears are bleeding," Liam commented. "Shut up, Payne. Not all of us can be world famous pop stars "Ouch.That hurt, babe. Do u really want to make me cry?" he fake pouted and I playfully hit him in the arm. We continued our drive silently for three hours. Liam was singing along to a song that had just started. Truly Madly Deeply. "Am I asleep, am I awake of somewhere in between? I can't believe that u are here and lying volgende to me. of did I dream that we were perfectly entwined, like branches on a boom of twigs caught on a vine?.."

I hadn't realised I was falling asleep until I felt someone nudge my shoulder. "Huh?" I asked, jolting awake and quickly pulling off the blindfolds. "Are u sleeping on me? Mira, if u sleep on me, you'll never be able to find out where we're going," Liam zei and he smiled. "I'm sorry, Liam. Really I am, But I'm so tired. The songs you're playing are so soft and your voice is..lovely. I can't help but fall asleep. "Well, I think you'll be happy to know we're almost there. Just fifteen meer minutes. Do u think u can manage? Please?" Liam pouted, an expression which made his face meer childlike and his eyes shine. I was about to ask why he objected to my sleeping, but he must've read my mind, because Liam said, "I just really want to see your reaction." After about minutes, I asked Liam what time it was. "Its about 1:30 in the afternoon. Oh, and babe? u might want to go to the pet store after this, because you're about to owe me a new turtle!" Damn him.

~ 30 minuten Later ~

"Babe, u ready to go?" "Yeah, hold on Li..just let me get my shoes! I had on a white crop top, boven with a sequined Mickey on the front with some kant, lace edged jean shorts. I decided to keep my hair in its original state, a bit wavy and loose. To top, boven it all off , i wore my favoriete black converse high tops. I smiled. Liam took my hand and we walked out of the hotel room. Could this dag get any better?

Liam and I had no idea were to go. The streets were crowded with women and children frantically searching for their volgende destination. We decided to go to a Toy Story ride. We went inside and waited...and waited. "Oh my gosh, Mira! I'm so excited! I literally cannot believe this is happening!" I laughed. Even though he was 19, Liam sure was a child at heart. We entered the green kar, winkelwagen and grabbed the laser guns connected to the sides. When we pulled the triggers a small red laser beam shot out, which we used to shoot the evil villains and some targets. In the front, there was a lever which Liam used to turn us around in the cart. All around us, the evil guys were shot to death with our awesome laser guns. "Woohoo! Mira, look at this babe! I just shot Zurg the evil guy!" The entire ride was filled with my hysterical giggling and Liam continuously yelling.

"Love, can we please go to that big coaster? Please?" There were those puppy dog eyes again. "Sure Li. Which one did u have in mind?" "That one over there." Liam pointed to one with steel tracks that covered a large distance. It had thousands of steel towers, struts and beams comprising the gleaming white structure that coiled around other attractions. It was definitely the longest and fastest ride I'd ever seen in my entire life. "I don't know, Liam. It seem pretty huge for a roller coaster. " "Aw, c'mon babe! I'll protect you!" He flexed his arms, "Remember? I am Batman after all!" "Haha, okay Batman. Let's go to this rollercoaster." Apparently this rollercoaster was extremely popular. The line was huge. After what seemed like hours, we finally got out of line to go into the ride itself. People behind us were whispering excitedly about how they were going to tell their vrienden they 'survived'. Ugh, teenagers. Once the ride started I took a deep breath. A small smile from Liam told me this was gonna be so much fun for him. The ride started of at a reasonably slow pace and I thought for a seconde it was going to be an easy ride. Boy, was I wrong!

As soon as I thought that, the ride began to increase it's pace, and suddenly we swoop downward. "Ahhhhh!! I'm gonna be sick!" I heard someone scream. The ride took dozens of swirls, dips and curls. I took shallow breaths while screaming my head off. My stomach fell, like whenever I'm in an elevator. My eyes stung and I felt sick. "This is so much fun!" I screamed to Liam as the wind rushed in my ears. He just had his mouth wide open . Oh how I love rollercoasters.

After the rollercoaster, we went on an Alice in Wonderland ride, and took pictures with fairies, Mickey & Minnie and all sorts of Disney characters. We continued riding stuff like carousels and ferris wheels. "Ooh, they have candy floss!" Liam pointed at a small kar, winkelwagen filled with candy and..yes cotton candy.

"Mira, I'm a bit hungry, so can we go eat something?" "Yeah, I'm starving myself." "Well, what are u in the mood for, darling?" " and pasta?" "Okay then," Liam pulled a dazzling smile. I couldn't help but grin myself.

Disneyland :)