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These are the biographies of the cats in Mistclan.

Miststar is the leader. She had one brother named Neonkit but he was killed door a vos, fox when he was a kit. Her father Hawkclaw was killed in battle when she was an apprentice and her mother Shiningwallow disappeared the night Miststar became a warrior -- Mistglimmer, in honour of her mother. Two months after her warrior ceremony, she was framed for killing the deputy and kicked out of the Clan. She lived as a loner for a while before finding some other cats and forming Mistclan, her as the leader. She is easy-going and a good hunter as well as...
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Spoilers! Know any?
# Firestar dies D':
# DF training Breezepelt, Tigerheart, Ivypaw
# Lionblaze kills Russetfur after she apparently kills Firestar
# Leopardstar dies in Fading Echoes (As u would have read
# 3rd book is Night whispers
# Scourge is a relative of Firestar
# APPARENTLY Scourge walks in Lionblaze's dreams
# Brambleclaw will NOT become leader, an unexpected cat will
# Leafpool takes back role of med cat
# A book in OOTS is gonna be in Tigerheart's of Flametail's point of veiw
# Sandstorm's dad is Redtail
# Hollyleaf is ALIVE!
# Breezepelt & Heathertail AREN'T mates
# They...
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