Chapter 1 torture I stared out the window of the plane my father tried to cheer me up about us moving i will be going to a new school called monster high i was absolutely dreading it i had to leave behind my beloved valentine. ` come on darling don't be sad it will all look up" zei my father. LOOK UP!! i left my boyfriend and my bff behind totally looks like looking up. Now draculaura grace vamp do never speak to me like that agian! I just sat there and rolled my eyes i looked like a hot mess my roze and black hair pulled into a bun a over sized roze overhemd, shirt tied up in the back and some shorts absolutely torture ` ugh vacht, bont ball across from us zei my father i slapped him playfully on the arm , Be nice after all are neighbors are werewolves i zei , dont even remind. me about it

Hi chapter two will be tomorrow not to spoil anything but its notwhat it seems