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NaomiWinx posted on Mar 28, 2013 at 07:51PM
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Name: Pet(s):
Parents: Favorite School Subject:
Lest Favorite School Subject:
Killer Style:
Freaky Flaw:

Favorite Color:
Favorite Food:

Biggest Pet Peeve:

Favorite Activity:
My OC:

Name: Joltleen Lighting
Age:16,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (I've been around so many years!)
Parents: Lighting (Mom) Thunder (Dad)

Killer Style: (Picture Below)
Freaky Flaw: Whenever I touch something I shock it. So I try not to get too hyper or else I shock everyone! Plus I can't swim in water. That's a big no no. Water and Lighting, don't mix!

Favorite Color: Yellow and Red
Favorite Food: Energy! I'll eat any kind of power source!

Biggest Pet Peeve: When ghouls try that thing to rub their socks and the ground and touch my hair to see if that trick works. Try it somewhere else!

Favorite Activity: Zooming through the skies! I love to pass through wires as well and jump and surprise people. I'm the best at parties!

Pet(s): I can't have a pet without shocking and killing it. :(

Favorite School Subject: P. E, I get to run around and be free. I'm the leader of the track teams anyways

Least Favorite School Subject: Home Ick, I'm terrible at it!

 Just sign this to get in the RP Name: Pet(s):

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een jaar geleden LetsDuel2012 said…
Name: Rocky Skellington
Age: 16
Parents:Jack and Sally Skellington so i'm a princess
Favorite School Subject: Music I love singing and playing the guitar and dubstep and holt *blush* oops I wasn't supposed to say that
Lest Favorite School Subject: History, its boooooring
Killer Style: mainly skinny jeans graphic tees and converse
Freaky Flaw: i'm forgetful, and I've been told im loud, impulsive,a bit shellfish,cocky....

Favorite Color: Red,blue and black
Favorite Food: Pizza and cookies....not at once though, totally blew chunks last time I tried

Biggest Pet Peeve: how my arm fallsoff, y'know since im half doll half skeleton,and when I electrocute myself. and when I totally loose my cool around Holt

Favorite Activity- skateboardin and gamin dude
NaomiWinx commented…
Your in ^^ een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden NaomiWinx said…
(Your welcome to join in ^^)
Joltleen: *walks through school* Eeek! I'm so so so so excited!!
een jaar geleden LetsDuel2012 said…
Rocky-*skateboards to school listening to dubstep*
een jaar geleden Frankiestein65 said…
Name: Amy Angelicness
Age: 1500
Monster parents: The dark angels
Killer style: Dark colours. They bring out the best in me. Also, I have some rockin' purple tints in my black hair.
Freaky flaw: I tend to get a bit aggro when people tease me about my wings. Yes, they're massive, is that a problem?
Pet: Angel, a dark blue unicorn.
Fave school subject: Ge-ogre-aphy. It helps me to understand life for the surface people.
Least fave school subject: Physical deaducation. Why should I run when I can fly?
Biggest pet peeve: My wings
Fave food: Dark chocolate. A dark colour and flavour, nothing better.
Favourite colour: Black. What do you expect???
GFF'S: C.A. Cupid (my cousin!) and Lagoona Blue
p.s. Amy has a crush on holt
last edited een jaar geleden
 Name: Amy Angelicness Age: 1500 Monster parents: The dark angels Killer style: Dark colours. They
een jaar geleden NaomiWinx said…
(You're in ^^)
Joltleen: *starts to quickly eat cupcakes*
een jaar geleden Frankiestein65 said…
Amy: Woah Jolteen, how quickly can you eat cupcakes?!
een jaar geleden NaomiWinx said…
Joltleen: SO many!! They're soooo yummy!!
een jaar geleden Frankiestein65 said…
Amy: lol they call you Jolteen for a reason; you really jolt your food!
een jaar geleden NaomiWinx said…
Joltleen: Yep! *hears bell ring* Oh time for class! Let's go Amy *jumps up and stuff the rest of the cupcakes in her mouth*
een jaar geleden Frankiestein65 said…
Amy: What class do you have next, Jolteen?
een jaar geleden NaomiWinx said…
Joltleen: Hm...I think I have..Home Ick...oh fiddlesticks!
een jaar geleden Frankiestein65 said…
Amy: I have that too; and why did you say fiddlesticks?
een jaar geleden LetsDuel2012 said…
Rocky- *gets to school and goes to her locker*
een jaar geleden cannibalZoey said…
Name : Duskalight Wetpthmy
Age : i don't remember how olds Ben drowned again 16 15 ?
Monster parent : the swamp nyphiy but I live with the other creepypasta's
Killer style : well it's n my pic but I wear random stuff
Freaky flaw : when I mess up and forget to attack the player playing my game uhh !!!!
Pet : vin my giant serpent
Fav sub : swim team or home ink
Big pet peeve : when others say I'm to suck to my bf Ben Drowned uhh so annoying their just jelouse
Fav food : caramel cake, chex mix , and wedding cookies u have that u have my heart
Gff : Amy ( well we're bros might as well ) , Venus , Jinefire ,lagoona , honey , Viperine , Jane , and the creepypasta
 Name : Duskalight Wetpthmy Age : i don't remember how olds Ben drowned again 16 15 ? Monster pare
een jaar geleden cannibalZoey said…
Dusk : uhh !!!!!! Come on u link look alike of a bf text me already !!!!' I don't have time to wait for u
een jaar geleden PandaLoverXX said…
Name- Dusk and Dawn Hellive ( People call them Princess and Raven )
Ages- 16 ( Older than time )
Monster Parents- King Demon and Queen Angel
Killer Styles- ( Dawn ) White Blouse, blue jean shorts, knee high white boots, sunglasses on head, diamond earrings, fingerless white gloves, a half black heat on cheek, locket, and black tights

( Dusk ) Black loose shirt that's tied on side with a tank top under, a locket, devil horned headband, Obsidian earrings, black gloves, black shorts, many bracelets on arms, and a black half heart on cheek

Freaky Flaws- Dawns is the dark and Dusk is rabbits and dogs
Pets- Star Dawns angel dog and Dusks bat cat
Fav subs- Literature and Football team
Least Fav- Sports and History
Big pet peeves- When they say we look alike! We don't at all!
Fav food- Devils food cake, Angel Cake, Any candy or sweet, fruit, milk, apple juice, nuts
GFF- Claudia, Amy, Cupid, Draculora, Claudin, Genie, Lagoona, Cleo

GFF- Claud, Holt, Duce, Torily, Cat sisters, Cluadia, Most the boys in the school, Cleo's sister