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 Frankie, Draculaura and Clawdeen
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Introduction- Piera Goyle
As Piera Goyle walked in to the halls of Monster High, she got many admiring eyes from other students, especially Holt Hyde.
Holt walked up to the tall gargoyle. "YOOOOOOOOO! I'LL CARRY YOUR BAGS FOR YA!" He loudly offered.
"Oh, thank u for offering, but I can handle it. I am Piera Goyle." Piera said, smiling. She adjusted her black beret.
"I'M HOLT HYDE YO!" Holt smiled.
Piera flipped her magenta hair. "I je sais de vous! u are that fangtastique DJ!" She smiled,
"YUP! THAT'S MEEEEEEEEEEE!" Holt yelled, leaning against the wall.
They have a nice conversation for a while.
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Walking down a darkened hallway
Everybody turns to look at you
It's not because you're different
It's just because you're so scary cool

A sinister style, mystery with a smile
You're drop dead gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous
This school gives me the creeps, but when I'm with my peeps
You can't ignore us
This is where the ghoul kids rule!

Monster, monster high
Monster high
Monster, monster high
Come on, don't be shy
Monster high
The party never dies

Monster, monster high
Monster high
Monster, monster high
Freaky chic,and fly
Monster high
Where student bodies lie

Hey, Frankie's got me fallin' apart
Oh, Draculaura's stealin'...
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