Monster High ❤ Pick The New Spot icoon ❤

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Keep the one we have.
# 1
 lovebaltor posted een jaar geleden
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haynay24 picked #2:
All the characters ! I like this one
posted een jaar geleden.
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lovebaltor picked #2:
The dateline for submitting icon suggestions is OVER. I was kind of disappointed that only one person and myself submitted an icon =\

Oh well - here are the 2 new suggestions that you fans have to chose from. (And for option #2, I could edit it slightly so you could better see Cleo, Hyde and Lagoona's faces)
posted een jaar geleden.
last edited een jaar geleden
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missdada15 picked #2:
I think this one is better..
posted een jaar geleden.
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nugget14 picked #2:
this one
posted een jaar geleden.
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HelloKitty_Love picked #2:
It has Spectra<33
posted een jaar geleden.