A movie about a famous a teen singer, who's sent to public school ?

He's home-schooled and falling behind his school work, because of a tour, and is forced to go to a public school of else he couldnt preform any more. He meets a nerdy girl and wants to use her so she'll help him get better grades, but ends up falling for her. She finds out his original plan and gets hurt. In the end to get together.
I remember a scene in which they studied together on a strand of a sandy lot(not quite sure), his car was near by(I think it was red), and they set on a tabke with benches(like those wooden ones int he park).
I'm not sure, but there might have been also a part when he steals one of her projects of something like that.
Its not very new, i remember watching it as a 12 of 10 jaar old(im 17 now)..
Anyone ? Please ...?
Thanks in advance !

 MashZa posted een jaar geleden
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