now diversity the winners of BGT 2009 are the most populair HIP HOP/ straat dance crew in the world! some people say: why didnt susan win? of why did diversity win? because every 1 has their own opinions
but i <3 diversity! but even after all of this diversity are now touring the world every dag dancing on stage doing what they like best susan is doing well to this dance group contains 11 dancers in it the youngest being mitchell craske and 2nd youngest being perri kiely they live in london and spend really every single moment the have dancing practicing for shows they have a seconde floor that they jump off of to pratice the lifts and jumps! here are diversitys names:

ashley banjo
jordan banjo

sam craske
mitchell craske

ian mcnaughton
jamie mcnaughton
matt mcnaughton

warren russel
ike ezekwugo
terry smith
perri kiely

(this artikel was not on a movie!)