A lot of the most populair film series have three films. I think that the Batman film trilogy that was directed door Christopher Nolan and starred Christian Bale is better than any film trilogy of any genre.

This review is to defend the quality of the Batman trilogy and is not meant to offend anybody who likes other film trilogies before. After reading my review feel free to commentaar about your favoriete film trilogy and what u think of the three Christian Bale Batman films.

Category # 1: The Brilliant Writing

All three of the Batman films that ster Mr. Bale have great plots. The Batman franchise tends to work extremly well when the tone is either clearly campy of serious. Mr. Bale's Batman films are serious films.

Batman Begins has a emotional and inspiring plot about Bruce Wayne struggling with what to do after his parents are gone. Both him and the city of Gotham are falling apart, but instead of Bruce letting things get worse he becomes a heroic person who brings optimisim to the city. Another brilliant aspect of the film is that the main hero (Batman) and villain (Ra's al Ghul) have the same goal: They both want to stop the crime in Gotham. Ra's al Ghul acts as a pessimst who thinks that Gotham should be blown up, but Batman is the optimist who wants to bring justice to Gotham.

The Dark Knight shows Batman's struggle to keep up being the hopeful hero he was in the vorige film. The Joker is runining Gotham with his evil, but intelligent arguements about everybody being somewhat crazy. Bruce wants to leave the hero stuff to Harvey Dent, but the Joker ruins that for him. The writing has several amazing elements. Every subplot is interesting, unique, and full of good dilagoue.

The Dark Knight Rises has gotten some mixed reception when it comes to plot, but I think that the writing is spectatcular. Bruce has gegeven up on pretty much everything in his life, but Bane's scheme gets Batman to return and risk losing his life for Gotham. This film is a great finale for Batman. It shows Bruce from being a retired superhero to risking his life as a superhero. It has several emotional scenes and a heroic climax.

Category # 2: The Great Characters

The Tim burton films focused too much on the villains. Thankfully Batman Begins is fully about Batman to the point that the villains are basically supporting players. This trilogy has the best dark version of Batman that I've ever seen. I feel this way, because this Batman is threatening and serious without being a jerk. He's relastic, heroic, and inspiring. He has emotionally effective storylines throughout the trilogy. Also he has several awesome action scenes and a strong sense of humor.

Rachel Dawes has been considered to be a boring love interest, but I actually think she's the best love interest from any Batman film. Unlike vorige Batman girlfriends Rachel is important to the plot and is heroic, thoughtful, and sweet. Commissioner Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, and Lucius vos, fox are well written and likeable supporting characters in all the films in the trilogy.

A thing I admire about the trilogy is that the villains chosen seemed to be picked for how well they would work for the plot instead of how populair they are. A big example of that is that Ra's al Ghul is the main villain in Batman Begins instead of the villains that general audiences know like the pinguïn and Riddler. Most fans consider the Joker to be the best villain of the trilogy, but I think that Ra's al Ghul was a meer well written villain and Scarecrow was meer entertaining.

Category # 3: The Cast is Awesome.

Every important character in the trilogy is played a very talented person. Christian Bale is really charming and cool as Bruce Wayne and Batman. He gave such a great performance that I think he's the best dark version of Batman. I still consider Adam West to be the best Batman, but Mr. Bale's perfromance was fantastic. Actually batastic.

Katie Holmes' performance is really underrated. She played the mature and sweet Rachel very well. The supporting cast members are all very talented.

The villains were played door really good actors. Liam Neeson is one of the best actors ever so having him play Ra's al Ghul was a treat. He had the trilogy's best acting performance. Cillian Murphy was a oddly charming and funny Scarecrow. Ken Watanabe managed to make his minor villain role memorable and entertaining. Heath Ledger had a great villain voice and his performance was unique. Tom Hardy was pretty enjoyable as Bane.