This is my personal lijst of the top, boven 5 upcoming movies.This is also my first article, so beer with me.

1.Whip It
2.New Moon
3.When in Rome
4.The Invention of Lying
5.Cocco before Chanel

Whip It is the directing debut for Hollywood royalty Drew Barrymore.It's about a free-spirited girl(Ellen Page) who joins a local roller derby team.Plus it also stars Saturday Night Live castmember Kristen Wiig.

If I ofended any fellow Twilight fans for making this my #2 pick, I am truly sory...but get over it :)New Moon is the epic sequel to Twilight,which follws the story of Bella zwaan-, zwaan and her vampire soulmate Edward Cullen.

The adorable Kristen klok, bell stars in this romantic- comedy about an unluky girl who acidentally causes five guys to magically fall in love with her.

The Invention of Lying takes place in an alternate world where u would always tell the truth.Co-stars include Tina Fey and Jennifer Garner.

Following the Lifetime original movie,Cocco before Chanel tells the story of how the iconoc designer came to be.

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