As any one seen Alvin and the Chipmunks. This movie contains both moving pictures and cartoon characters. The movie as a lot of musicals in it too.Jason Lee's character is this guy who is tired of being a failure as a song writer in the entertainment industry. Alvin, Theodor and another chipmuck on the other hand are the chipmucks in the movie. They were just getting food for winter when there boom was cut off for Christmas Decorations. The movie was great though because i can't stop laughing any time i watch it. It is one of the films i wasn't ever tired of watching.Dave had a huge problem with his girl friend who forgave him later.Dave lost his advertising job,thanks to the chipmunks and he got the job of his dreams as a song writer for the chipmucks due to their voice.The manager of the Record label 'stole' the chipmunks to exploit them but Dave saved them all.The movie came out 2007 and that was ehat boosted Jesse McCartney's career(Theodor). The movie had a happy ending with the chipmucks and Dave(Jason Lee)togrther with his girlfriend.The movie's side tracts are very interesting ones such as The Witch Doctor and Christmas Time. The Movie was in the memory of a person whose albums came with the chipmunks label which is so sweet.