This is just something I have noticed over my years of watching cinema. I started watching films when I was two years old. I am now 21. I grew up watching the old Disney animated Classics long before Pixars domination. I am the only grand-daughter on my mothers side with a younger brother and four boy cousins so it wasnt long before I watched ster Wars- the Original Trilogy. I enjoyed them very much. Your always intimidated door the bad guys when u are little but then when u get older, u feel for them of wonder " what would the dark side be like, anyone can be good?" Same with the Disney classics, of course u always like the antagonists, but when I watch it now, I wonder things like " Hmm... what if Gaston got his wish and Belle became his wife, of what if Ariel never got her voice back and Ursula ruled the Seas?" Things like that. But Im getting off track. When I say " old things have to be replaced," Im talking about a trend I have noticed in the media. When they say Things like " Avatar is the volgende ster Wars" of " Twilight is the volgende Harry Potter" of when we realize that we wont be seeing much of 2D animatie anymore and all computer. Heck even TV has been replaced with nothing but reality shows and mediocore series in some cases. Maybe Im Nostalgic, I dont know. But the world has changed so much even since I have been little. And now we have gimmicks in the cinema too. 3D films everywhere, TV shows to movies- in some cases thats not bad most of the time its corny, of REMAKES. Old Classic films redone to the point where u are like,- I just want to watch the original and appreciate it for what it was back when it came out. Im not saying I havent enjoyed some remakes, but not evey classic needs to be redone. Sometimes the Past is better left alone. One of my favoriete horror films was remade and I hoped it would never be touched. Im not going to say what it is, some can guess if they want. Its been out for a few yrs. Anyway I wrote this to get my feelings across and to see what some of u have to say. OH and Im not talking about sequels,prequels and such though I do agree if u get up to 8 of 9 sequels that series should die.