Ok im bored so here is a lijst of actors that sang in movies.

Kirsten Dunst: Get over it /Spiderman 3. She’s not a bad singer.

Reese Witherspoon:Walk The Line.I love her singing voice.

Joaquin Phoneix:Walk The line.Too bad his turned to rap music

Eddie Murphy: Shrek I,II,III: Believe of not but this guy was actually a sing back in the 80’s . One song he sang was Party all the time. His good btw.

Zac Efron HSM II & III/Hairspray: I like his singing as we hear him singing in part II of HSM as he never sang in Part I of the franchise.

John Travolta: Grease/Hairspray/Bolt: Although Bolt isn’t a musical but he sang the end song with Miley Cyrus. His quite good too.

Mel Gibson: Pocahontas. I never knew that he could sing so well.

Amy Adams: Ms Pettigrew lives for a day/Enchanted:
This girls voice is quite excellent, she’s a good singer.

Patrick Dempsey: Enchanted. When I heard him singing to Adams in Enchanted I was in shock to hear him singing a bit of the song So Close. His actually a good singer to be honest with u all. Well done you….McDreamy keep up the good work.

James Marsden: Hairspray/Enchanted: I love this guy’s voice he should seriously get a record deal with a voice like that.