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This is just a lijst of my favoriete female-fronted rock bands. Lots of them are not well know, but they're really good. Check 'em out. :)

Front Woman: Amy Lee
Fun Fact: Amy Lee is the only original member of Evanescence since they formed in 1997.

Front Woman: Hayley Williams
Fun Fact: Paramore was signed when Hayley was only fifteen. Their youngest member, Zac (former drummer), was only thirteen at the time.

Front Woman: Formerly Lacey Mosley, now Kristen May
Fun Fact: The band's first name was Passerby

Lacuna Coil
Front Woman: Cristina Scabbia
Fun Fact: The band is from Italy. "Lacuna Coil" translates to Empty Spiral in English.

Within Temptation:
Front Woman: Sharon hol, den Adel
Fun Fact: Their muziek video "Frozen" was about domestic abuse. Most of the money made from the video was donated to "Child Helpline International."

Joan Jett (The Runaways/ Joan Jett & the Blackhearts)
Fun Fact: Her real name is Joan Marie Larkin. She supposedly changed her last name to Jett when her parents divorced.

Front Woman: Lzzy Hale
Fun fact: Lzzy and Arejay, the drummer, are brother and sister.

Stitched Up Heart
Front Woman: Alecia Demner "Mixi"
Fun Fact: Mixi played tuba in middle school.

Picture Me Broken
Front Woman: Layla Brooklyn Allman
Fun Fact: In 2009, PMB was named one of the top, boven unsigned bands

Front Woman: Dawn Michele
Fun Fact: Fireflight is a Christian Rock Band.

Cherri Bomb
Front Women: Julia Pierce, Miranda Miller, Rena Lovelis, Nia Lovelis
Fun Fact: Cherri Bomb is an all girl rock band. Their ages range from 14-16

The Letter Black
Front Woman: Sarah Anthony
Fun Fact: Sarah is married to one of the band members, Mark Anthony

icoon For Hire
Front Woman: Ariel Bloomer
Fun Fact: icoon For Hire is compared to bands like Paramore and Flyleaf.

Fit For Rivals
Front Woman: Renee Phoenix
Fun Fact: The band is currently unsigned, but doing well.

Courage My Love
Front Woman: Mercedes Arn-Horn
Fun Fact: The drummer, Phoenix, is Mercedes' twin sister

Tonight Alive
Front Woman: Jenna McDougall
Fun Fact: They are a band from Australia

Stars In Stereo
Front Woman: Bec Hollcraft
Fun Fact: They are from Los Angeles, California

Front Woman: (Temporarily) Floor Jansen
Fun Fact: The band has a movie, released in Europe, called Imaginaerum

Front Woman: Sierra Kusterbeck
Fun Fact: Sierra got into the band door lying about her age; she zei she was 18 when she was only 16.

We Are the In Crowd
Front Woman: Tay Jardine
Fun Fact: Tay is a triplet; she has a brother and sister.

He Is We (not very rock, FYI)
Front Woman: Rachel Taylor
Fun Fact: Rachel is the only remaining member of the band.

Secret Lie
Front Woman: Sara Madeira
Fun Fact: They are from Portugal
Lyrics!!! I originally saw this on a olivia benson/SVU vid, and i totally fell in love with this song!!!!
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