muziek Which lyrics from Charlee Reitz's Chlorine do u relate to more? If none, which do u like the most?

Pick one:
There are corks in the pool. Teeth stark against purple lips, we’re drunk swimm
I could stand to have somebody reach for my hand helpin’ pull me through a swea
This poolside is lit with all these text messages my phone is dead on the cement
I’m pretty good right here with roze jet clouds above my head and my vrienden ar
Our shins are aqua blue. We left our hearts on our chairs, cause sometimes we jus
Tan legs looking golden in the sunset I’m a good host I love these girls the mo
of I’ll kiss death first before I ever make it My best friend is right there my
Floatin’ on their backs swimmin’ in laps showin’ up fast.
The past is in the past but right now we’re alive in this chlorine.
 zanhar1 posted een jaar geleden
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