muziek Best female voice? (Please Add)

Pick one:
Christina Aguilera
Whitney Houston
Alicia Keys
Norah Jones
Amy Winehouse
Joss Stone
Lauryn heuvel
Tracy Chapman
Macy Gray
Dolores O’Riordan
Mariah Carey
Amy Lee (Evanescence)
Hayley Williams (Paramore)
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Taylor snel, snel, swift
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Idina Menzel
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Regina Spektor
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Delta Goodrem
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Lacey Mosley(flyleaf)
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Otep Shamaya
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Skin (skunk anansie)
Skin (skunk anansie)
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Katy Perry
Katy Perry
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Kelly Clarkson
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Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter
Sharon hol, hol, den Adel(Within Temptation)
Aretha Franklin
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Leona Lewis
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Celine Dion.
Celine Dion.
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juila from tatu
juila from tatu
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Janis Joplin
i dont know
i dont know
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Tarja Turunen (formerly of Nightwish, now solo)
ashley simpson
ashley simpson
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Ren Woods
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avril lavigne
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Reba Mcentire
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rihanna- rude boy
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Cassadee Pope (Hey Monday)
Cassadee Pope (Hey Monday)
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Mandy Grace Capristo
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Selena gomez
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Pauley Perrette
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Lady Gaga
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Sarah Brightman
Cheryl Cole
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Janet Jackson
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Demi Lovato
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Jennifer Love Hewitt
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Justin Beiber
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lita ford
lita ford
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Melissa Milke (Shawn Milke's sister from Alesana. She does all of Annabel's part
Lea Salonga
Lea Salonga
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Amy Lee!!
Amy Lee!!
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Loreena McKennitt
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Julie Fowlis
Julie Fowlis
Kristin Maldonado, Pentatonix
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