muziek Some of my favourite songs that start with 'V': Which do u like the best?

Pick one:
the Valley - Eisley
Vampires With goud Teeth - the Fashion
Vegetable - Radiohead
Veinte Años - Buena Vista Social Club
Verdi Cries - 10,000 Maniacs
Veronica - Elvis Costello
Victim of Love - the Eagles
Victor Jara's Hands - Calexico
Video Games - Lana Del Rey
Video Killed the Radio ster - the Buggles
the View - Modest muis
Vigilante Man - Woody Guthrie
Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional
Violence - Bif Naked
Violently Happy - Björk
Violin - Kate struik, struik, bush
Volvo Driving Soccer Mom - Everclear
Vow - Garbage
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