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Hi! Have u ever wondered if you’re a TRUE My Chemical Romance fan? Well, here’s a lijst to help u check!


•    You spell OMG Oh Em Gee (or OMGee)
•    You find (or try to find) an MCR reference to EVERYTHING in your life, no matter how unimportant it is.
•    You have a Killjoy name and won’t answer people when they call u unless they use it.
•    You can spell “My Chemical Romance” on your keyboard with your eyes closed.
•    If u see something that LOOKS like it could be an MCR product, u buy it. It doesn’t matter if it is of not, u just buy it.
•    Your neighbors have complained meer than once about the “loud young-person music” that’s constantly playing at your house.
•    You’ve practiced until you’re able to both:
A.    Imitate Gerard’s accent perfectly.
B.    Roll your tongue on “Ashes to ashes” perfectly with the song.
•    It doesn’t matter id u hate them, spiders are automatically cool.
•    You can lijst the songs in perfect order on at least two of their albums.
•    Gets offended if (insert favoriete MCR member here) is the LEAST BIT criticized. (Ex. “Eww, Gerard looks gross here.” “WHAT? HOW DARE u SAY THAT! GERARD WAY IS ALWAYS PERFECT! DEFEAT THE NON-BELIEVERS!” “Okay, okay, jeez.”)
•    You’re being a Killjoy for Halloween.
•    You know what each band member’s full name is, what they play, when their birthday is, and when they were born.
•    You imitate Gerard’s hand gestures in public.
•    You’re happy if they’re happy. (No going, “UGH! HE’S MARRIED! HE SHOULDN’T BE MARRIED!!!! THEY NEED TO BREAK UP!” “Aww, they’re married! Darn, now he can’t be mine.” Is acceptable, though.)
•    If an MCR song fits in with the conversation that u and another friend are having, u start singing.
•    Extra points if they know the song.

And the number one way to know if you’re an MCR fan is….

•    You don’t hate them just because their style changed. u know that they’re MCR and always will be.
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Radio 104.5 held a private acoustic studio session with MCR on September 17th, 2011
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