My Chemical Romance Songs from Danger Days, Pick your LEAST Favorite? (Round 9)

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Bulletproof hart-, hart
The kids from yesterday
Na Na Na(na na na na na na na na)
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 mcrkilljoygirl posted een jaar geleden
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I refuse to choose those 4 are my favourites on the album!especially planetary then kids from yesterday.
posted een jaar geleden.
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I refuse to choose because i love them all equally
posted een jaar geleden.
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WHAT!!!! Planetary is my FAVORITE!!! =P
posted een jaar geleden.
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jbiebs22 said:
i reallllllyyyy refuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is sooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! maplemacaroon, i agree with you. that is my favorite tooo! how could you choose your least fave?? that reeks if you do and MCRobsessed is also right too. i love them all equaly
posted een jaar geleden.