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Who wants to kom bij my walking dead rp

Now before u say, "it's been done a billion times" i know that though in this it's going to do with the tv toon but ponyfied, now u can choose, either to be 1 mane character and an oc of just an oc of just a mane character from the walking dead, now u can also choose sides, u can either be:
Prison survivors: u are with rick and the rest, u were brought here after Woodbury and now help door going out on supply runs, guarding and killing any "trotters" at the fences

Governor militia:you help the governor, u have military gear and weapons, u are out to make sure the governor lives at any means and u do t play door the rule

Normal survivor: u are out surviving, u can kom bij up with other survivors of kom bij one of the two sides, u are a normal survivor surviving and your rules are up to you!

So just write down oc name, age, weapons(range and melee) and side like this

Name:fire dash
Weapons:bow and a katana
Side:normal survivor
Looks:(insert picture of describe)
Also forgot to say, have fun!
jordy_dash posted een jaar geleden
 jordy_dash posted een jaar geleden
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PonyChan66 said:
Apparently no one wants to join, and I'm only saying this so this vraag doesn't filter your "question" as unanswered. Fanpop antwoorden is not the ideal place for roleplay, since it is public and everyone can say everything they like... and everything u don't like. Like me. And so, here is your unwelcome truth: Katanas are clichéd.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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