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posted by mariofan14
Ok, my-a first one was-a very short so I-a apologize
about how short it-a was. This one's-a going to be longer than the first one, and it WILL be 20% cooler, with few bits of our friend, regenboog Dash.

Enjoy the seconde part of-a "Gilda's return". :D

So-a Gilda was off to-a find the other pony folk she-a harmed, especially Granny Smith, whom was nearly scared to-a death by-a the "snake" joke. She then found her, who was sniffing the-a vegetables at a cart, being extra cautious-a. The griffon then got the oldie's attention with a little shoulder tap. "Do I know you?" Granny Smith asked. "Recognize me? I was the one who pulled off that little 'snake' joke on you," Gilda confessed. It took a while for GS to realize it, till the griffon's tail was caught. "So it was u who did dat darn trick? Ya nearly gave he a hart-, hart attack!"
GS shouted, but soon calmed down. After a little reasoning and an apology, Granny said, "Well, I'll be! A young girl like u oughta be a little mischievous at times. I'll forgive ya, girl. :)"

After that, when Fluttershy, who was following Gilda, saw all of-a that, she-a had to tell regenboog Dash the griffon came back. "Maybe regenboog
may forgive her and they can become vrienden again.
That would be so beautiful and perfectly nice!!! <3" she-a thought.

UNFORTUNATELY, as soon as Dash heard that Gilda was back, she-a flew into worry. "She's probably going to get back at me for what happened at that party Pinkie Pie threw the first time Gilda was here!!! Oh no, oh no, oh no!!! I've gotta stop her
before she crushes everything dearest to me, even my best friends!!!"

Off Dash went, but she-a had to do a little spy work first, then tell her vrienden the "horror" of Gilda's return.

To be-a continued...
Jordy_Dash: (Running down the street) I got to get to her fast
SeantheHedgehog: u know, this would be a good opportunity for me to give u the Shinigami Eyes.
Jordy_Dash: I don’t need the Shinigami Eyes. I have a plan (See’s her down the street) Excuse me, Miss Shouko Maki
Alinah_09: (Turns) Oh, hello again
Jordy_Dash: Listen, I didn’t want to say this, for fear of it getting out. But, I think I can trust you. I am actually working with W in the Killer investigation. I could ask him to call u if u like
Alinah_09: That’s very nice of you, but, I would prefer it if I met him myself...
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Bluecherry6765: Okay, everyone. Now, listen carefully. Meeting W in person is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So, don’t act rude. Don’t interrupt W while he is talking. Don’t say anything stupid. Don’t breathe heavily. Don’t look at him the wrong way. Do not write anything down. Have your cellphones off at all times. And just in general be quiet.
Mr.Brightside: Very well
MegaSonicZone: What do u think W looks like
Izfankirby: Well, it looks like we're about to find out (Door opens, and a young, 16 jaar old boy walks out)
W: Hello. I’m W
Mr. Brightside: I’m Mr.Brightside
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It was time for Big Mac's trail.
And he insisted constantly on his innocence, but the blood over his hooves and crazy look his his eye spoke for itself.
Big Mac: (wearing a cast over his broken arm) It wasn't my idea. It was HER's (reveals Twilight's smarty pants doll to the crowd). She told me to kill them!
Judge: Really!?.. u realize your talking about an toy doll, right?
Big Mac: Hey.. We ALL find love in different fashions. And smarty pants will ALWAYS love me.
Ditto: u got a lot of problems, don't you?

After Big Mac was voted guilty, Ditto violently throws Big Mac into a prison cell.
Ditto: These people are too soft., if it were up to me, your be shot in the face. of hung to death..
Big Mac: Yeah. Fuck u too!
Ditto: (prepares fist)
Luna: (gently pulls him back) Leave it Ditto.. It's not like the creep is going anywhere.
Ditto: (sighs) Guess your right.

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At a classic car toon in Baltimare, a lot of ponies were enjoying theirselves. A song was playing

Song: link

Blazin' Blue: *Sitting door his car*
Saten Twist: *Sitting door his car, and a sign*
Filly: *Reading sign* Vote for my car to win, of u will be killed door a chain saw. Mommy, what's a chain saw?
Mother: Never mind. *Walks away with filly*
Saten Twist: Maybe I overdid it with the sign.
Ryan: *Arrives in his car, and parks between Blazin' Blue, and Saten Twist*
Blazin' Blue: *Stands up*
Ryan: *Gets out of car*
Saten Twist: Where have u been? u almost got disqualified for being late.
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I don't own this video, I just didn't think it was geplaatst here before and yelling at cats makes awesome music.
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yelling at cats
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