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posted by triq267
My Fellow Bronies,
I'd never really wondered what friendship could be,
My Fellow Bronies,
Until u all shared its magic with me;
Big adventures, tons of fun,
Your beautiful hearts, faithful and strong,
u shared your kindness, not always an easy feat,
And Friendship is Magic made it all complete,
My Fellow Bronies,
Y'know you're some of my very best friends...

So, today is the final dag of 2012. But it also marks one jaar of me being a brony. One jaar geleden today, while killing time until the new year, and after numerous suggestions from people whose opinions I trust, and massive amounts of research, I began watching a little toon called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
2012 has brought some of the hardest things I've ever had to go through, but it has been arguably the best jaar of my life. And bronies are a big part of that. u guys have stood door me in hard times, and I appreciate that. I cannot thank u guys enough for what u have done for me. As I look into 2013, I am excited to see what will happen as the community grows.
Oh, and also, FAB-5 is best small group of bronies...

Well, Happy New jaar Everypony!
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Ponyville, September 10th, 2012 BCR.
Rainbow Dash's wolk home.

Rainbow Dash was reading, like she did a lot these days. Twilight had gegeven her the newest issue of Daring Do to her, but with the Gilda case, she didn't have had much time to read into the new exploits of the adventurous Pegasus. But now, with the Weekend, she had time enough.

After Celestia's sun graced Equestria once again, she awoke, ate her breakfast, and began reading into the story. Daring Do and The Quest for the Romanov's. regenboog had read a couple of lines in the intro already, but then Gilda came back into Ponyville, and...
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posted by shadowknuxgirl
5. Shining Armor X Princess Cadance
I think they go rather cutely together, but the main reason I like them is because it is an actual couple. Probably one of the only couples that's been made official door the show. (Aside from a possible "Mac X Cheerilee" which just barely didn't make this list)

4. Cranky X Matilda
Well, yes, this is also an actual couple. I like this one better than Shining Armor and Cadance because of their love story. I found it adorable that they met at the Gala,and found each other again after so long. (But really Matilda, why did u put the note on the side of the...
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posted by mariofan14
*This happens 30 minuten after regenboog Dash had been brought from Wing pony to Leader. Lightning Dust had been confined to a solitary confinement for the night after what regenboog told Spitfire. Here is Lightning Dust's revenge.*

"Damn that pony!" shouted Lightning Dust in anger after getting busted and thrown into confinement. "She does NOT does that to pure Wonderbolt material!!! I will-" There was a bang on the door. "Quiet in there! This ain't a prison!" a guard called out. The light green pony thought to herself, "This is not over yet, regenboog Dash. u may have your fill of power and glory,...
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