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posted by mariofan14
(Just to let u all know, this will be an allusion to the first story in "Cinderella II: Dreams Come True". Let me know if this was great at any expense.)

It was a great dag at Canterlot, where everypony was doing their regular businesses out in the city. But today, at the castle, there would be something else going on that day. There was going to be a royal ball going in the upcoming day. One of Celestia's guards told Celestia herself about it. "I know that," she said. "I also know that I'm going to be gone until that one dag is over. I'm going to take a break from royalty and go as a casual pony. I'm sure Luna will take care of things." Immediately after that, there was a knock on the door, and a voice spake, "Your Highness, are u in there? I'm here to speak to u about the ball the volgende day." Letting the mare, Ms. Highneigh, in with the princess, there would be a major talk about preparations for the ball.

Meanwhile, Queen Luna had come back from a walk in the garden. She had heard some speaking in Celestia's room and decided to see what it meant. As soon as she got to the window of Celestia's room, she began to ask, "What is this about? A ball?" "Yes, my Queen," Highneigh said. "But Celestia had gegeven me orders to make this the MOST formal ball in Canterlot. Nothing must go wrong. It simply isn't done." After Celestia finished packing, she left the castle. It was time for Highneigh to make some changes to this ball, and to also teach Luna how to be formal.

First up: catering. Very specific entrees were to be made. "This is going to be the entrees to be served at the ball," Highneigh said. But Luna wasn't sure what to make of it. She asked, "If I may ask, what's in there?" The cooks then revealed what was under the tin containers fit for a ball. There were egg salads, mashed potatoes w/gravy, steamed vegetables, and a lot of other good things. There was also Highneigh's personal favorite: cooked prunes for dessert. "Why prunes for dessert?" Luna asked. "The princess has made clear orders for this to be made," Highneigh explained. "Besides, I like it." Luna was not amused, but had to deal with it. There were to be NO imperfections at all. It simply isn't done.

Next: what Luna would wear. "It is also important to look like a formal character in something that is formal and royal. Nothing must be out of hand at any time.," Highneigh explained to Luna, who was in a frou-frou, glittery outfit. It was a hassle for it to be put on, because Highneigh's assistants, Beauty Mare and Regal Attire, were earth ponies. After the dress was put on, Luna took a look in the mirror. She looked okay, but it looked too much.

Out in the gateway, Highneigh said, "You must only let the most proper po-". Luna wasn't paying attention because she saw a few ponies wanting to see her, including Pipsqueak. "OPEN THE GATE!" Luna called to the gatekeeper. "No, no, no, your Highness!" Highneigh exclaimed, seeing a major error. "You can't do that. Commoners are not to be allowed in the ball. It simply isn't done." Upon hearing that, everyone was disappointed to hear that, even Beauty Mare and Regal Attire. "Does this really have to go that way?" they asked. Highneigh nodded. The crowd of "commoners" left in disappointment.

There was dancing as the last thing to go through. The band, consisting of Beauty Brass, Octavia, and a few others, played a formal waltz. Luna, now worried that this would be the worst ball she would go through, had been going through this very difficult dance everyone would have to go through. For balance, a stack of 5 of 6 boeken were on top, boven of her head. She would also be asked vragen that were hard to answer. She got all of them wrong, worrying her even more. It was adding up to something that would all be too chaotic, whatever it was. Luna had too much stress going on, she fell. Everything was dead silent. The poor queen felt ashamed of all this and left. "This... is a disaster," Highneigh said.

Luna was in her room in a state of grief. She had been crying for the whole afternoon after the mess-up that happened. Later that evening, there was a knock on the door. "Come in," she said. It was Beauty Mare, Regal Attire, and a guard. "To tell u the truth," RA began, "I didn't like what Highneigh was planning for this ball. This would simply not be done." "RA's right," BM said. "I think we should go your way. After all, u ARE the Queen of Equestria." Luna was touched door what they said. She cheered up, got up from her bed, and looked into the mirror. "Look at this," she said. "I don't look as good as Highneigh thought I would be." She magically removed the dress she had on. "And this hair. Yuck!" She had a bad hairdo. She then, magically, got into her regular form. All ready, she said, "I need to stop submitting to something that sucks. We're going to make this ball great MY way!"

The entire night was spent planning on what there would be, whether it be a replacement of an addition. The volgende day, the plans went as expected. In catering, some of the entrees were kept. The only exception were the egg salads and prunes, being replaced with fruit and madeliefje, daisy salads and quality chocolate pudding. Of course, she wasn't alone. Beauty Mare, Regal Attire, and the guard had helped on the food to be made for this night. Next, the dancing and music. There would still be a waltz, but Luna wanted it to be meer lively. She also invited the country violinist, Fiddlesticks, to play in the band. The dance, well, was meer of a combo of steps and light spins. The four enjoyed it. But Highneigh was watching it all. "It simply isn't done! It simply isn't done!" she zei angrily, storming out.

Then, after that, it was time to pass out the invitations to the ball. They were gegeven to many of Canterlot, some of Ponyville, which included the Mane 6, and Trottingham, which included Pipsqueak and his family. Highneigh was following Luna, and when she caught up, she said, "Your Highness! I do hope u know what you're doing. It must not turn out to be a disaster!" Luna then replied, "Don't worry. I assure u that I know what I'm doing. Everything will be fine." Highneigh somewhat doubted that.

Back at the castle, the red carpet was rolled out. It was almost time for the ball to come on, as it was nearing the evening. "Everything's perfect!" Luna happily exclaimed. But there was something missing: the curtains were still closed. She opened them up for the sunlight to come in. Everyone admired it, but a voice interrupted the admiration of the setting sun, done door Celestia, who was coming back. "STOP!" the voice cried out. It was Highneigh, coming with news. "My Queen, Princess Celestia comes tonight! I hope u know what u have done," she tells Luna. "We'll let my sister be the judge of that, shall we?" Luna said.

It was now time for the ball. Luna, dressed in her ball dress, consisting of a blue medium-sized royal japon, jurk with nothing special on it, was ready to go out. "Are u sure about this? I don't think the princess will be pleased," the guard said. "Everything will be under control," Luna said. As she walks out, she is greeted door the many guests, mostly "commoners", who were all dancing. She welcomes them all. Pipsqueak then came up to her with a short red rose, trimmed of its thorns. She loved it, and leaned over to kiss him. She then dances with him.

Everyone was happily enjoying themselves, until horns blared a fanfare. It signaled the arrival of Princess Celestia. When she came in, Highneigh ran up to her, saying, "I regret to inform u that your sister, the Queen, has failed to comply with the ball instruction. u may very well see for yourself." Celestia looked at all the ponies there. "Normal citizens? In the ball?" she asked. As she went to the food table, she was also surprised when the prunes were not there. It was going to be the main dessert item, but it wasn't there. Instead, there was the pudding. Celestia had seen all that was gegeven improvements on. And guess what? She liked it! "This is great!" she exclaimed. "Luna, you've outdone yourself! Everyone, dance!" Highneigh and Luna thought Celestia wouldn't be pleased with what was there, but she really was. "Your Highness, are u sure u want this? All these 'improvements'?" Highneigh asked, instantly gegeven a nod of approval. She had to accept the fact that Luna will be her own pony. Nobody could change that. Smiling, she decided to kom bij in the fun. Everyone had a good time together at this ball, Luna's way.

The end.
posted by SomeoneButNoone
5 vrienden [AppleJack, Rarity, Fluttershy, PinkiPie,Twilight] meet under RainbowDash clound.
AppleJack - Fluttershy fly to her clo...
*boom* regenboog Dash Fall from clound. Shes not moving and she dont breathing.
AppleJack - oh no... Rainbow...Dash...
??? - MUAHAHAHAHA... u think u use elements of harmony on my? u THINK I STUPID!!!! HAHAHAHA!! NO u SOOOO STUPID!
Twilight - You!
King of Shadow Ponies - soo Twilight what u do now... NOTHINK! HAHAHAHA! I WIN!!!!!!!
Fluttershy GIVE HER BACK TO US!!! i-if u dont...
King of Shadow Ponies - HAHAHA Fluttershy why u soo shy... oh look Twilight Canterlot...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Is normal dag In equestria. Pegasus clearing sky to great day. Twilight and pinki pie eating cake in Sugar cube corner but at the same time the sky darkened. Its not a clounds. The sun turns red and the earth plunged into darkness. Then unknow alicorn wstand up from darkness.
Alicorn - hahaha... its started...
Twilight - Who are u and what started!
Alicorn - oh... listin everypony I am King of Shadow Ponies
Twilight - Shadow Ponies?
King of Shadow Ponies - yes u stupid Pony!
Twilight - Oh! I read about Shadow Ponies in my book! Oh no...
Pinki Pie - Whats wrong Twilight
Twilight - Oh no no no no...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Congratulations on winning! How do u feel?
It feels really great! I didn't honestly expect to win this month! Big thanks to everyone who voted for me!

Who is best pony?
Definitely Fluttershy! Ever since the first episode, she was and still is best pony!

Who is worst pony?
Well, I don't hate on anypony, so I don't think I have a worst pony. But if it were any character, pony of not, it would have to be Gilda. I DESPISE HER! She made poor Fluttershy cry!

What is your favoriete episode from season one?
Hmm, I would have to say "Sonic Rainboom"

What is your favoriete episode from season two?
It's a tie...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Congratulations on winning! How do u feel?
It's very nice to win for the seconde time, and I feel very happy. :3

Who is your favoriete background pony?
Hm... either Octavia of Merry May. I love both, but I guess Merry May would win door a bit. x3

If u could create an episode in the show, what would the plot be about?
To be honest, I don't really know what I would create; All I want is for appeldrank, applejack to get a song. XDDDD

What do u expect to see in season three?
Applejack getting a song, meer Princess Luna, amazing plots and storylines, appeldrank, applejack getting a song, and hopefully an Elements of Harmony...
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Sorry for misleading title, but this is quite important.
Okay guys, this sounds very dumb, but just don't post on the wall.

It sickens me every time I see JimERustle's mean, hateful comments. And even though we ignore them, it would be best to just stop posting until he gets sick of trolling. Seriously. I want to rant, but that just makes everything worse... I don't want to be unkind, either.

I know, it seems cowardly, but to be honest, if we keep posting on the wall, he keeps getting things to hate on. In a way, we are feeding the parasprite.

However, just tell your vrienden news via uithangbord post of message of Meebo for now.

I hope that some of u read this, and understand what I'm trying to say.

How does it feel to win Pegasister of the week?
It feel pretty awesome. :3

What's your favoriete MLP: FIM episode?
My favoriete episode is "Green Isn't Your Color" because of all the beautiful dresses Fluttershy wears.

Favorite out of the Mane Six?
Definitely Fluttershy, because she's just so adorable and always puts a smile on my face.

Favorite MLP: FIM villian?
Chrysalis, because she feeds off of love and love is everywhere so she's practically invincible.

Which Element of Harmony do u represent?
I would represent the element of loyalty. I'm very kind to my vrienden and support them any way I can.

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posted by cupcake2456
Okay,to get this started,I would like to thank everybody who joined this club and mostly for whoever made this club!

I liked mlp since I was a little girl.It was my favorite!And it still is.Some people think it is for little girls and boys that are three years old.I do not.Everybody who joined this club has to be proud of themselves.They showed who they really are.

This goes to btflash and shadirby.I am so sorry I was being mean to you.I didn't mean it.I have seen how u guys have been acting around this club.You will help out other friends.I am so sorry for acting like a troll.I am also sorry to all of the people who witnessed it.

I am sorry to other people like starwarsfan7,triq267,shadirby,btflash,tawnyjay,pheonixroyale,and meer people.I hope u all read this.Please commentaar below if u like.
So, I think it's pretty clear what this is going to be about door reading the title, but I have to get it out. Have to tell u guys.
So, when I first watched the toon my life was great! I loved it anyway. But soon as I got less into it, my life started to get plain and dull. I got trapped into the hopelessness that u feel when you're depressed. I wrote about how I felt, I thought about telling people, but I couldn't I was afraid everyone would see me as some freak.
I started becoming really quiet everywhere. I went to school and did my work. Not getting into anyone's business and not even bothering...
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posted by shadirby
Hi everypony, shadirby here.

So, I've seen a lot of sad people since my last article. So, here's the plan. I most likely cannot spend much time on this club, but I will be on OTHER clubs on fanpop. I might be able to chat, but only a little. If u really want to contact me PM me. (Go to my profiel and click "Send Message") Okay. Thank u for being so kind and supportive.
Hopefully I can remain semi-active. I'll have to be a bit discreet with coming on here, though. Thanks again.
So, triq267 and I were talking and we found a completely legit reason for 2012.
u see, December 21, 2012 is NOT the end of the world.
Coincedence that the world is supposed to end a few months after season 3 starts? u could say that...Or go with the TRUTH.
In 2012 the bronies shall be taken through a portal to Equestria and those who hate bronies shall be left on Earth will the planet slowly rots.
Meanwhile, the bronies are all made into their pony personas and having fun in Equestria! Friendship shall prevail!
And they say it's just a goofy children's show.

(PS: This is just something funny. I don't really think that this is going to happen.)
(PPS: Okay, maybe a little. XD)
posted by triq267
So, since today is Tawnyjay's birthday, I decided today was the perfect dag to post the artikel I've been thinking about. Here I go.

I've noticed that in MLP:FiM, birthdays suck. Really the only birthday that didn't suck that we've seen was Gummy's birthday. I can't really talk about Cheerilee of Zecora, since their birthdays were only mentioned in passing, but all the other ones we've seen, SUCK. And I have three and a half examples to toon this.

I'll start with the half, while although not technically a birthday, I still felt I should mention. This would be Diamon Tiara's cuteceniara (I hope...
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So, I've been thinking of this for a while, but now I'm gonna put it into words. In the episode Read It and Weep, there are many comparisons to be made between regenboog Dash and a new brony's journeys. Let me explain with a generic model that fits both stories.

1. A trusted friend suggests u try a form of entertainment that u normally wouldn't try.
2. After much thought, u reluctantly give in.
3. u begin to get interested, and realize that u enjoy it.
4. u feel embaressed and hide it from your friends.
5. u find yourself partaking in it any chance u get, and when u aren't doing...
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Metallica1147 (Me! :D): Who is your favoriete from the Mane 6?

StarWarsFan7 (The pony I'm interviewing): Pinkie Pie because she is so hyper and energetic in every episode she's in.

Metallica1147: Who is your favoriete character that's NOT from the Mane 6? (Why should I even ask? XD)

StarWarsFan7: I'd have to say my favoriete pony in the background of just minors would be Vinyl Scratch because I love her name and red eyes.

Metallica1147: How did u become a fan of this show?

StarWarsFan7: I became a fan of My Little pony Friendship is Magic thanks to one of my best brony friends. I also found out about...
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 Fluttershy is excited for Tawnyjay's win!
Fluttershy is excited for Tawnyjay's win!
Congratulations to Tawnyjay for winning the fan of the maand contest on the My Little pony Friendship is Magic spot! And also congratz to sweet_cream and Skitty_Love for coming in third and fourth place! :D

The sentences that are underlined are my questions
The sentences that are in italics are Tawnyjay's answers

When u found out u won the contest, how did u react?
I stared in shock, then yelled, "OH MY LUNA! I WON!"

How did u become a brony//pegasister?
My friend at school told me about MLP and I gave it a try. A few days later, I was obsessed.

Does your family know you're a brony//pegasister?...
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added by BlondLionEzel
:) :)
Credit: JakeWhyman ; Scootaloo wrote a song. (Audio from the Lego Movie)
my little pony friendship is magic
added by Seanthehedgehog
Most of this episode has regenboog Dash with Gilda.
regenboog dash
my little pony
my little pony friendship is magic
Months of ponies would be cool. There would be a lot of them.
regenboog dash
my little pony
my little pony friendship is magic
added by NocturnalMirage
Source: EQD, joyreactor
Has anyone ever read CHEERLIEES GARDEN.

It's probably one of the 'better' creepypastas.
But I still dislike it.

Not only is Cheerlees complete irrational in thi story. (killing children, when simply quitting your job could of worked just as well).

But there's all the fact, she acts like she watches WAY too many Saw films (I would know, I watch them quite a lot).

She acts exactly like Jigsaw.
Using clever traps to kill them in unique fashion.
But unlike Jigsaw.
She dosen't give them a chance to escape, making her meer like the Mark Hoffmen and Amanda Young.
Where the victims, where ONLY victims, they would of died, regardless of doing what they needed to do.
And there was no 'point' behind it.

Besides I LIKE Jigsaw, he's different then other villains.
He's still 'human' in some way.

Now that I got that off my chest.
I can relax now.

And stay tuned for meer of my latest story..