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posted by Seanthehedgehog
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Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Wilson, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

And introducing NocturnalMirage from NocturnalMirage

Episode 42

Good To See u Again

July 10, 1955

It was like any ordinary dag in Cheyenne. Hawkeye, and Stylo were waiting for a train to arrive, so that they could drive it.

Hawkeye: *Sitting on bench* I'm bored.
Stylo: Hm?
Hawkeye: I'm so bored, that it's boring.
Stylo: Oh boy.
Hawkeye: Cutting bored.
Stylo: Gamebored.
Hawkeye: Floorbored.
Stylo: Checkerbored.
Hawkeye: All abored.
Stylo: I wanted to say that.
Hawkeye: That's what they all say.

A passenger train arrived, and passengers started getting out.

Mirage: *Looking around station*
Hawkeye: Hold up.
Stylo: What is it?
Hawkeye: I don't believe. Nocturnal Mirage, over here!
Mirage: Pierce? *Walks over to Hawkeye* Good to see u again. What are u doing here?
Hawkeye: My job.
MIrage: No kidding, u work here?
Hawkeye: Yeah.
Mirage: I was just going to get a job here myself.
Stylo: Interesting.
Hawkeye: We need to get going, but we'll talk to u later Mirage. Good luck on your interview.
Mirage: Thanks.

Hawkeye, and Stylo got in the train, while Nocturnal Mirage went to Pete's office.

Pete: *Signing papers*
Mirage: *Knocks on door*
Pete: Come in.
Mirage: Hello sir, I'm the new worker u asked for.
Pete: Ah, yes. Come on in.
Mirage: With pleasure. *Walks into office*
Pete: So, how old are you?
Mirage: Twenty two sir.
Pete: datum of birth, and where?
Mirage: March 20, 1933, Hungary.
Pete: For a Hungarian pony, u sound british.
Mirage: I moved to England when I was three, but when the seconde world war started, I moved here into the United States of Equestria.
Pete: I remember that war. We had twenty five big boys delivering soldiers, food, vehicles, weapons, and other supplies to the United States Army.
Mirage: What's a big boy?
Pete: You'll get to see one later.
Orion: *Arrives* Sir?
Pete: What now Orion?
Orion: He's back.
Mirage: Who?
Pete: This bus driver. He's so drunk, that he thinks he's a real bus.
Mirage: Oh boy.

2 B continued.
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