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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Jim, Case Cracker, and Gordon were about to make their attack on the Rock Island Bikers, but first they needed to do something at an abandoned warehouse.

Jim: *Driving the van*
Gordon: Hey. When u zei abandoned warehouse, what did u mean door that?
Jim: It's a place only I know about. Since u two are going to see it, u can't tell anypony else. Got it?
Gordon: Got it.
Case Cracker: Got it. Whats at this abandoned warehouse anyways?
Jim: A lot of guns, and ammunition. u put those RIB uniforms on now. We want to fool them.
Case Cracker: Alright. *puts on uniform*
Gordon: *puts on uniform*
Jim: Excellent. We're here. *stops van* Load up the guns while I get dressed *Putting on uniform*
Case Cracker: *takes guns from warehouse and puts them in the back of the van. He keeps his pistol on him, concealed under the uniform*
Gordon: *Puts assault rifles in back of truck* Some of these have grenade launchers.
Case Cracker: Great, those will give us an advantage.
Gordon: Okay *Gets in back of van* We're ready Jim.
Case Cracker: *gets in back of van, prepared to leave*
Jim: *Drives backwards*
Gordon: u don't plan on driving backwards all the way, do you?
Jim: *Does Rockford turn* Nope. From now on, we're going forward.
Gordon: That's good. I thought u were going crazy, and decided to go backwards all the way to Oatland.
Case Cracker: *chuckles*
Jim: *Gets on the baai, bay Bridge*
Case Cracker: ...
Gordon: What's the matter with u Case? u don't look too good.
Case Cracker: Ehh, nothing. Just thinking about something...
Jim: *Enters Oatland*
Gordon: Ah, good old Oatland. Too bad that these Rock Island bikers live here.
Case Cracker: *leers as the busje, van passes a group of RIB members off of their trail*
Gordon: Get down *gets on floor*
CC: *gets down* why are we getting down don't we have their uniforms on?
Gordon: I found a penny.
Case Cracker: *Sighs, and takes Gordons penny away*
Gordon: What the fuck?!
Case Cracker: I thought it was important!
Gordon: It is important. Now give me that penny back.
Jim: Case, give Gordon his penny!
Case Cracker: *groans. Sets penny on the space between them*
Gordon: Thank you. *takes penny*
Jim: Okay, we're here.
Case Cracker: Great. *fixes pistol so it is concealed and comfortable*
Gordon: *Loads up grenade launcher*
Jim: *Sets up machine gun* Let's do this *Floors it towards a house*
RIB: What the fuck is this?
Jim: *Crashes through door, then backs up*

The house fell down, and all the Rock Island bikers came to kill the three stallions. There is another house volgende to the one Jim just knocked down.

RIB: Get them *shoots front window*
Jim: *shooting RIB's*
Gordon: *Gets out of van*
RIB 64: *Shooting at Gordon*
Gordon: *shoots RIB*
RIB 236: *Going towards Case Cracker*
Gordon: Case, look out!
Case Cracker: *Shoots the RIB before he could come close*
Jim: Come on, let's get inside.
Case Cracker: *Exits van*
Gordon: *opens door* Hello everypony.
RIB's: The mafia is here. Kill them.
Jim: *Shoots two RIB Ponies*
Case Cracker: *Shoots a RIB with a submachine gun*
Jim: There's twelve of them left.
Gordon: *Runs upstairs* This oughta be the last of them.
RIB 12: *Shoots at Jim
Gordon: Stay behind the wall. When they stop shooting, return fire.
RIB 12: Reloading *reloads gun*
Gordon: *shoots RIB 12* One down, eleven to go.
Case Cracker: *shoots 2 RIBs reloading* Got two. *hides behind uithangbord for cover*
Jim: verplaats up *Goes towards RIB members*
RIB Members: *Running away*
Gordon: *Following Jim*
Case Cracker: *fires at RIB members, and follows the others*

All nine RIB's are hiding in a big room

Gordon: *Switches to grenade launcher* On my go, open that door. Ready?
Case Cracker: Yeah..
Gordon: Go.
Case Cracker: *bucks the door down*
Gordon: *shoots grenade*
RIB Ponies: *Die*
Jim: Great work.
Gordon: Hold up. *Counting bodies* There's supposed to be nine here. One of them escaped.
Case Cracker: Shit man! That window is open. *points over to an open window* Hold on..*uses tracking magic, eyes glow* Yeah, one of them has been through here. *ends spell*
Gordon: Quick, back to the van! *Runs to van*
Jim: *Following Gordon*
RIB 5: *Riding Motorcycle away from warehouse*
Gordon: *Gets in driver's seat*
Jim: *Sits volgende to Gordon*
Gordon: *Turns car around for Case kraker, cracker to get in*
Case Cracker: *gets in the van*
Gordon: *Floors it*
Case Cracker: There he goes! *points at escaped RIB*

2 B Continued
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All this information comes from Equestria Daily's summary on the panels during Unicon. The panels I will be talking about is the Writers Panel with Meghan McCarthy, Cindy Morrow, M. A. Larson, and Amy Keating Rogers. The seconde panel is with Daniel Ingram who talks about how the episode Magical Mystery Cure was originally planned and how it changed during production. Daniel Ingram also talks about other details with the songs.
I included some of my thoughts on the panel as well as added info connected to the panels.

Here's a summary of Daniel Ingrams panel as gegeven door Equestria Daily (these are...
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Hasbro sent many copyright claims regarding the distribution of TV episode as a violation of copyrights and threatened to take action if the site showed any refusal.

they refused to comply so the emailed Hasbro this statement.
Thanks for your concern [sic]. Since we are merely spreading friendship and? magic we feel that we’re protected door princess Celestia herself. Also, we are not based in the US – so US law does not apply to us.
Please feel free to download the episodes from our website in order to
learn about accepting, friendship and happiness too.

Hasbro was not happy and forced the site...
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Forget flying. Just take the train.
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my little pony friendship is magic
My Little Pony: Airport Security Is Hell, and not magic.
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my little pony friendship is magic
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I DO NOT own this video Although I can't help it... deep down I'm a hopeless romantic...
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Bad Sunset Shimmer. No treats for you.
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my little pony friendship is magic
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Credit: Ink Potts ; Song - I Will be There, a song from The Count of Monte Cristo. 2/6 of the animatics of The Count of Monte Cristo. After this Fluttershy runs off with Twilight...
my little pony friendship is magic
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