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Starlight Glimmer kept her promise and not only removed Saten's awful cutie mark, but also allowed him in their group.

But Saten had to promise to not hit on her so much, as it was getting annoying.

Starlight Glimmer: It's always nice to have someone who truelly believes in our ways.. Though sorry it might of cost u respect from your friends..

Saten: Well.. A lot of them didn't respect me anyway.. But still, yeah. It was pretty awkward..

Starlight Glimmer: Sorry to hear that..

Saten: Well.. It's not the 'only' awkward experience I ever been though..


Trixie: (getting ready to leave)..

Saten: (flies over) Trixie, wait!.. Don't leave without saying good bye.

Trixie: Sorry.. I thought u were still mad at me.. I mean, I tried to kick Twilight out of town and then tried to do the same to you..

Saten: Yeah. About that.. Why me? Why were u so mad at me!?

Trixie: Ohh, I don't know.. Maybe it's the fact that u were the only one in high school that EVER cared for me.. That u meant the world to me.. That I LOVED you!.. But u never loved me back!.. Instead, u fallen for some unattractive Southern girl, instead of me!.. That I finally had enough of waiting for the dag that u might finally come to your senses and realize who u should of been with!..

Saten: So... u don't like AppleJac-


Saten: Okay. Chill chill.. I'm sorry okay... Here, take some fancy wine.. (gives her a full bottle of wine).

Trixie: (not sure what to say)..

Saten: And if it makes u feel better. Most girls say that when I kiss them.. They wanna puke.
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