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posted by Seanthehedgehog
At the pizza parlor.

Waiter: Jim, u got a call.
Jim: Okay. *Walks to phone, and picks it up* Hello?
Sam: It's Sam. Those Mexicans are dead. They crashed, and kill their selves.
Jim: Dammit. volgende time we get attacked door these illegal immigrants, try to find out who their leader is.
Sam: Yes sir. *Hangs up, then goes to Case Cracker* Okay, Jim zei volgende time we get attacked door those immigrants, we need to find out who their leader is. Let's go see how Gordon's doing.
Case Cracker: Okay. He should be at the hospital door now. *Drives to the hospital*
Sam: *Thinking* I have a hunch that I might know where those Mexicans hang out.
Case Cracker: Let's talk to Jim about it after we see Gordon.
Sam: Okay.

At the hospital, Gordon was watching License To Murder.

Sanchez: He's on the trailer! *shoots at Con*
Con: *sets charge on trailer*
Case Cracker: *Walks in with Sam* Hey, what are u watching man?
Gordon: Con Mane: License To Murder.
Sam: Is it any good?
Gordon: I'll just say it's better without the commercials.
Case Cracker: Fair enough.
Gordon: I wish I could watch my Lethal Weapon films.
Case Cracker: Tell u what man, I'll bring them over to u during my volgende visit.
Gordon: Good. I appreciate that.

Meanwhile, on the Sausalito Side of the Golden Neigh Bridge.

Mexican pony 66: Two of our stallions got killed.
Mexican pony 47: How did they die?
Mexican pony 66: They crashed.
Mexican pony 47: Goddamnit! We must notify our leader at once. We'll go through Oatland, and meet up in Alameda door the abandoned train bridge.

Ten minuten later, they both met up with meer Mexicans

Mexican pony 98: Alameda is now our hood. Nopony from other gangs are allowed, and if they do toon up, kill them.
Mexican pony 47: Who is our leader?
Izzy: Me.
Mexican pony 66: Senor Gomez.
Izzy: Si, it is me. I hope u dealt with Braddock's gang member, Gordon. I have heard we have another gang to deal with from Fillydelphia.
Mexican pony 98: And who is their leader?
Izzy: A stallion named Michael. His gang has been here for three years, and each dag meer ponies kom bij them.
Mexican pony 73: Christ, we're dealing with a lot here.
Izzy: I know. Everypony thinks that we are bad, thinking we come into this country illegally. Now, they're going to regret making those rumors. Wipe everyone out from both gangs!
Mexicans: Si senor.

2 B Continued
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