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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song (Start at 0:15): link

Los Angeles, 1961

Mares: *Dancing with Stallions*
Saten: *Walks into the bar*
Ponies: Saten!!
Saten: *Smiles at everyone* Good evening everyone.
Bartender: What's your pleasure buddy?
Saten: I think I'll go for the usual.
Bartender: u got it.
Saten: Why didn't your wife ride the train yesterday? I didn't see her get off at Flagstaff.
Bartender: Promotion. She now has to fly to Portland.
Saten: Ah. *Gives the bartender a quarter, and a dime*

Jake walked in, followed door Greg, and Jared.

Saten: hallo speaking of Portland, look who decided to come for a visit.
Greg: *Turns around* Jared! *Gives him a hoofbump*
Jake: *Looks at Jared* Hey. My name's Jake, and I'm a nerd. Are u a nerd too?
Jared: What? Because I wear the glasses?
Greg: Jake, get lost. Go talk to someone else. *Walks with Jared to the bar. They sit volgende to Saten Twist*
Saten: Still working on the Northern Pacific?
Jared: I am. How's the Santa Fe treating you?
Saten: Good.
Greg: Aside from Jake, everything is going well.
Saten: I learned something from Tareq. If u call him John, he gets so angry that his face turns a darker shade of red.
Greg: *Laughing* Oh my god. I gotta see that.

Another pony walked into the bar. It was Hayden. Jake went right up to him, and said....

Jake: Hey. My name's Jake, and I'm a nerd.
Hayden: No one cares.
Jake: Everyone should care. u need to acquire my knowledge.
Hayden: I don't need shit from u dork! Get out of my way!
Saten: *Turns around* Oh jesus. *Walks over to Hayden* Did u finally lose your job on the Rio Grande?
Hayden: You're a douchebag! If your railroad had any brains up in the high spot, you'd have meer ponies like me!
Saten: Our railroad is actually trying to make money.
Hayden: We don't need to try. That's how better we are.
Jake: Hey, stop bullying our railroad.
Hayden: Are u kidding me with this right now? *Pushes Jake into a table*
Saten: Only I can do that to him u bastard. *Punches Hayden*
Greg: I don't believe this, he's actually standing up against Hayden. *Runs to help Saten*
Jared: Who's Hayden? *Follows Greg*

The muziek got louder as the stallions continued to fight. Some random ponies that had nothing to do with railroads also got involved, just because they thought it was a good idea.

Stallion 82: *Punches a mare*
Jared: *Punches Hayden*
Saten: *Hits Jake with a chair*
Jake: What the hell? We're on the same side.
Saten: Lecture me later, we gotta get u out of here! *Runs outside with Greg, Jared, and Jake*

The song can still be heard in the distance as the ponies walk through an alleyway. The sidewalk is a short distance.

Jake: Wow, that was exciting.
Saten: You're welcome.
Greg: What did u say to Hayden?
Jared: Who's Hayden?
Jake: I told him everything that I usually say to u guys.
Saten: Bullshit, u zei something else. What the hell did u do?
Jake: Well, he zei that he didn't care about me being a nerd. So I zei that he should care, because he needs to acquire my knowledge.
Greg: That'll do it.
Jared: Guys, I guess u didn't hear me earlier, but who's Hayden?
Saten: A hot head who works for the Rio Grande. Sometimes he helps out on the Southern Pacific, because they're short on employees.
Jared: What happened to that brown mare with the green scarf?
Saten: *Sighs* Suicide.
Jared: *Stops walking* No!
Saten: Sorry dude. She jumped off of the Golden Neigh Bridge when the last steam engine was taken out of service. It all started when they scrapped the pacific she used constantly on her passenger trains.
Greg: We didn't find out about it until last year.
Jared: I definitely like her better than Hayden.
Saten: Even though u can't remember her name.
Jared: Neither can u guys.

The three stallions laughed, and continued to walk. Jake silently followed, but he began another conversation.

Jake: Dieselization really is bad if it causes somepony to kill herself.
Saten: Oh yeah, Jake zei he wants to start a railroad that only runs steam engines.
Greg: Good luck with that John.
Jake: *Gets very angry* It's Jake!!
Greg: *Looks at his face turning red, and laughs* u weren't lying, his face does turn into a darker shade.
Jake: You're doing this on purpose!
Saten: Hey, everypony needs to have fun in their life.
Jared: Speaking of fun, what do u want to do now?
Saten: Not get into another fight in a bar.
Greg: *Laughing*

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Like a shadow loves to follow
When the sun's shining bright
I'll be around
Oh, i'll be around
And how the moon can verplaats the water
When the stars are in the sky
I'll be around
Oh, i'll be around

I've always got your back
I'll always hold it down
I'll be around
And anything u need
won't have to make a sound
'Cause i'll be around

And when the times gets harder,
we can take off
You don't have to worry
if we get lost
'Cause i'll be around
I'll be around
And u don't have to wonder
We can be free
Anything u want,
you can count on me
'Cause i'll be around
I'll be around

And it's much better than a promise
It's meer like...
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