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This is a one-shot I wrote about regenboog Dash, which was inspired door a scene from the third Chronicles of Narnia film.
Hope u like it! :) I'm pretty proud of this.

Every time she saw Rarity, the white unicorn’s sapphire eyes would sparkle like the diamonds she often wore around her neck. Her beautiful outfits and her voice and her glorious hairstyle would wow anypony around.
Rainbow Dash would hardly take any notice. There was meer to life than being glamorous, she always thought. But on this day, Rarity received so much attention. This kind of attention was special; it was nothing like Rainbow...
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awesome ponified version of remix 4 from rhythm heaven fever
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Sung door Brandon Victor Dixon and the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar Live! in Concert. (may contain little pony content but it's PMV)
my little pony friendship is magic
equestria girls
jesus christ superstar
pmv someone who's not from the US, I have to ask: What is Trump's problem with Mexico? I mean wut? xD
my little pony friendship is magic
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