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Dear Celestia, I'm starting to think you all don't appreciate my opinions! XD I am doing my top six favorites because of the Mane Six.

6.) Lyra and Bon Bon

Even though these two aren't canon as being friends, I see them together a lot during Season one. Nothing that I know of in Season two. Lyra and Bon Bon are seen walking together, talking together and basically hanging out. If these two weren't background characters, I think they'd be the best of friends.

 Lyra and Bon Bon
Lyra and Bon Bon

5.) Rarity and Fluttershy

I just love Rarity and Fluttershy! They are the best of friends! Can you believe...
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Fluttershy's fourth screaming sparta remix! sorry if i got her name wrong in the first the vids of her. not mine!
my little pony friendship is magic
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