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if it true that u can have two ponies with same cutie mark it seem there poines in this shows with the same cutie mark if not then this blue blond hair pony is doctor whooves of it was just a error the animeator made.this is a real clip from the ep at the gala
During the song, fluttershy face this pony with an uur glass as a cutie mark,doctor whooves has the same mark.
also there are other ponies there with the same cutie mark like the the prince that raity wanted to be with and the two colts blue and gray one that are welcoming raity when she about to sing her part in the song,or it just they got to lazy to draw new cutie marks for them
of there a chance that siblings can have the same cutie mark.........just kidding i dont know but maybe
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Both believing people dead people are alive and with him.. Niether the game of the story mentioned is for 'everyone' so video is PG.
dead rising 2
expirments of twilight sparkle
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