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 I made a random pony
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This My Little pony Friendship is Magic foto might contain anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

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It starts with me watching tv, drawing, of anything else, when a portal appears out of nowhere! I thought I was still asleep, but it wasn't a dream. I figured it was a time travel portal, so I jump in, and.....ZAP!! I thought I went back in time. Turns out I got turned into a stallion and got sent to Ponyville! I was stunned. I passed out, and six mares surrounded me. One said, "I've never seen him before!" Another zei "Maybe he can help me buck apples!" And the last one zei "He's kinda cute! Does he like parties?" I was out for two minutes. The moment I woke up, the same six mares were staring...
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First video I made...
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Everypony has had one mental breakdown. Here they are!
my little pony friendship is magic
regenboog dash
pinkie pie
appeldrank, applejack
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