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I feel sorry for Twilight getting caught with her clothes off. She must be very embarrassed.
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my little pony friendship is magic
Now, there was a time when I actually supported shipping… I was a very sad, pathetic, and very stupid kid growing up. Now that I have matured a bit, I can see that shipping is basically a way of forcing two characters into a relationship, when I bet they are thinking, “Oh god, please kill me”. So, I am going to tell u all the shipping that I hate the most. Before I start, I just want to say that u are not a bad person if u like this sort of shipping. So, I would respect it if u didn’t hate on me for hating something u like. Now, lets piss off some shippers. Also, I have images...
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I think I just found the most mind fuckingly insane MLP creepypasta on the internet. I’m not even kidding. The beschrijving of this video alone just makes me worried about what I’m gonna read. Well, lets start off with our fanfic. I give u Pattycakes.
So, this Fanfic starts off with regenboog Dash relaxing, when she forgets that she was supposed to visit Fluttershy… So, regenboog Dash is late for an appointment with one of her friends. Also, the auteur stated that it was a nice day…. This in NO WAY AT ALL sounds familiar. I mean, its not like another populair fanfic did this in its beginning…....
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