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Fan fiction by XryugafangirlX posted een jaar geleden
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Disclaimer:I do not own Naruto.

She was walking down the street,the cheerful smile not leaving her face for a moment. Sakura Haruno has just finished training and was heading to the park,hoping there she would relax a little. Yes ,training with Naruto and Sai was not easy at all. Not because she didn't like it of anything of because the tasks gegeven were difficult,it was 'casue she was extremely tired,having to handle an Akatsuki on her own. Well ,not really,Chiyo-baasama helped and did almost all the work anyway,she was just controlled door her and did what she could do. But heck,Sasori was one tough guy to beat,being the best puppeteer in the whole world,defeating the damn third Kazekage,not to mention an S-rank powerful missing nin. As mush as she wanted to curse at herself for thinking those silly things,she felt sorry for him. She didn't toon it in the battle though,the pinkette was too busy learning about Orochimaru. All Sasori ever wanted,was the love of a family,nothing more,nothing less. Even though that's still not a serious reason to go kill people and create leaving puppets out of them. Sure ,it was his fault,but his grandmother played a role too in it. She...
Opinion by hinagogo123 posted een jaar geleden
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i dont get how u guys make up the dummest couples! just because they look good togethr,doesnt mean they're gona be togethr!!!


it all started with naruino. i tryed to ignor it, but it was in ALL MY HOTTSPOTS!!! i like naruhina. naruino is just a whole bunch of crap dispayd on da internet just ta put 2 peps togethr, nd its relly anoying!!! then ya wanna put togethr sasuhina, i mean did they even talk yet?!!!hinata is 1 of those girls who wouldnt care that much abot him.
i also wanna talk abot kibaino i dreamd about it to before sai came along. id feel bad for sai if he didnt have anybody... i dont have tha much time so id like to tell u my main reason. KIBASAKU!!! im on google,and then i come across kibasaku. really people!!! u just ruined my day. do u see any spark between them, and if u do... HOW???!!!!!

Fan fiction by hinagogo123 posted een jaar geleden
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OK well, this is actually not an article.dis is actually info for some of ya. this fan fiction is called Konoha Highschool. its for all of ya who love naruhina, sasusaku, saiino, and i think nejiten & shikatema. its mostly about sasusaku, but its amazingly accurate. idk who da creator is, but she made anime & manga of it. deres a whole lota drama & some comedy. its on youtube, so ya cant miss it!!! if ya alredy knew about it, im sorry for takin up your time...

Fan fiction by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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Just because it say " Cold Hearted " Doesn't mean it's JUST sad. This one contains funnies. Ha-ha! I can see well not really...That teenagers can be mature! But some NOT, like me. But I hope u people who are 13 of older will enjoy this story and laugh. Besides this story starts to FUNNY then Love. In the End. u might crack your head.

Shikamaru was very smart. Blah,blah.
Temari was always door his side,sense Naruto zei "Are u guy's on a datum of something?". Temari was sensing something strange growing in her heart. But what could it be? In days Temari wanted to get the feeling off. Everyday she hangs out with Shikamaru, she blushes,be sometimes silence. But what could it be? What made her blush and be silent, when she's around with Shikamaru?

Shikamaru wonders why she has been acting weird lately. So he asked her...

Shikamaru- Temari,what is up with u these days?
Temari- Wha? Oh nothing. Why?
Shikamaru- You've been silent these times. It's not like you.
Opinion by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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Hi! Right now that your reading will be talking about my 3 favoirte couples that should be toegether and that shouldn't!
That will be : NaruHina, NejiTen, and ShikaTema

First NejiTen

NejiTen- Ha-ha! Yes they will be toegether!
NejiHina- Pfft! Yeah right, think again!
NejiSaku- Got to be kidding me! No! No! No!
NejiIno- Yeah **** no!
NejiTen- Bingo! Got it correct!
NaruTen- WTF
KibaTen- Eernt!
ShikaTen- They don't know eachother
ChojiTen- What? No!
LeeTen- ..... Nah!
ShinoTen- Nah!
and yeah let's go on


NaruHina- Yup! There cute together!
NaruSaku- Nah! Sakura hits Naruto a lot! Do u see Hinata slapping and punching Naruto? No!
NaruIno- ...What is this couple? stier Crap!
NaruTema- Nope. Not likey to happen.

LeeHina- NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
KibaHina- well,makifiki's story made me think...I dunno...that's the big problem
Fan fiction by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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Well,I'm doing this cause...Well. Hinata zei I love u , but she zei it FIRST! So yeah. Sakura zei it LAST. Ha-ha! I'm in the side of NaruHina! And I do not like NaruSaku and NejiHina and ShikaIno and yeah...More like the- Nevermind I'll shut up! Enjoy

In the morning there was an oranje ninja. Name Uzumaki Naruto. He dreamed of becoming a Hokage.
For many years of wishing. It came true. He became a Hokage, cause he saved the village, it's now peacful, and Naruto got what he wanted. But there was something else important. It was ...a women. A women that will always be and loves Naruto. Never forgetting him. He still loved Sakura. But still. He had forgotten on important girl who actually feels for him. And he had forgotten.

In the Hyuga's. There was a girl named Hinata Hyuga. She was sweet and shy. She wanted to be strong like her father and kind of like her mother. She is in a better mood cause she feels better when the dag she told her feelings to Naruto. But does he feel the same as well?
Fan fiction by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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This might be the last I writed a story. I dunno. I'm still not good like I excpected. To many people...I suck...I guess. Well...Enjoy the last part. Even if u people say I need work on it! I know! Enjoy.

It's been 3 days later. Tenten wasn't even cured.
They zei that something was wrong with her body.

2 days later she checked out of the hospital and she was still ingrued. She stayed at the Hyuga house at Neji's room. She sleeped for many hours that Neji got even worried meer and more.

Neji- ...Hinata...
Hinata- Yes? Neji-niisan?
Neji- Do u think she's okay? Will she be like that forever?

Hinata- Who knows. The hosptial workers told me that Tenten's body isn't the same.

Neji- She did something of the Hyuga, it was strange.

Hinata- u mean. She did the Hyuga taijutsu and bloodline attacks?

Neji- Yes.

Hinata-....She made it.
Neji- ....If so. I thought it was immpossible. I thought she was a foolish person who didn't even know what she was saying.
Fan fiction by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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This one is gonna be good. Enjoy people!

Tenten and Neji talked and she giggled a little.
It was time for her to leave. Neji was happy it her. Not as a date.

Tenten- Okay. Bye, Neji. See u tommrrow.

The Hyuga was so munch fun to be. She enjoyed it.
But tommrrow was another big dag as well.

She headed her way home. She wanted to stay meer but school was coming.

It was the volgende day. At school somehow Neji wasn't talking to her. She seemed that something pissed Neji off. She didn't like that scene at all.

Tenten- Neji...
Neji- ....
He didn't say anything.

He walked away from her. Tenten wanted to see what Neji was up too so she asked Hinata. She talked to her. Somehow she zei that Neji got pissied of cause he herd about Tenten's goal.
Hiashi told him. She got mad. That the goal will come true and make Neji see her in a better way.
Fan fiction by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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Sorry that I'm making the story so short. The story is not populair like her but I will. Just like caseylovegreek said. Thanks for that commentaar u made. ;) Apperciate it oh and MrsTemariNara of course my sister KH2lover.

Tenten- alright. The Hyuga house is in the left of right...wait...left.

Sakura- Hey, Tenten.
Tenten- Hn?
Sakura- Where are u going?
Tenten- ...I'm going to Neji's house.
Sakura- Why?
Tenten- Cause...well...I want to see his house.
Sakura- On a date?
Tenten- Sakura. I zei no. I'm going to do that after I acheive my dream.

Sakura- Alright. Well have fun and see u tommrrow.

Tenten- I know.
She was a little afriad. The Hyuga's were always mature.

Tenten- alright. Here it is.

She knocke the door. Neji opened it. He was wearing a black and white kimono. He blushed. She looked so pretty.

She was wearing a Sora- (sky) kimono. With her hair all cruly in a ponytail on the side.
Fan fiction by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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I'm glad u like it. People who commentaar nicely.
It feels good to release your REAL imagination to others but makifiki is STILL better than me.

Tenten- Okay. Are we done?
Neji- Yes.

Tenten- Finally.

The school klok, bell rang. It was time for lunch.
Sakura and Hinata were wondering if Neji likes Tenten.

Sakura- hmmm...Should we spread rumors?
Hinata- umm...Don't think that's a good idea. Tenten will kill us.
Sakura- Yeah, Gosh don't want to go to her bad side. Scary like me.
Hinata- Well... Let's ust spy on them .
Sakura- Stalking her?
Hinata- hmm...I guess.

Neji- Is there something wrong Tenten?
Tenten- (sigh)...No. Everything is fine. Besides head hurts from all that studying.

Neji- You'll get over it.
Tenten- .... Say. Neji...I got a vraag for you.
Neji- Hmm?...Say it.
Tenten- Okay...What do u do in the...Hyuga?
Fan fiction by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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If u didn't liked the first one. Sorry, but u don't have to continue to the volgende one I'm going to write.
She opened the door and Neji was there. He did a serious glare on her.

Tenten- ...hmm....What?
Neji- Why were u spying on me?
Tenten- I'm not spying on you.
Neji- Yes u do. usally see me train.
Tenten- And...How do u know it's from me?
Neji- Cause your eye color and hair of course your bookbag.

Tenten- It's just a bag. And no. I'm not looking at u train. don't know what color it is.

She was about to slam the door on his face but he grabbed it.

Neji- Your bag it blue with green strips.

Tenten- .......No it's not. It's purple with ...light purple...on it.

Neji- Not it's not. Tenten don't lie to me. I'm in your class and we've been vrienden for so long.

Tenten- Your in my class?
Neji-... Yes.
Fan fiction by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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Before u read- Before u read, this might change the Naruto story. I just want to see how it feels to release your imagination. I kept writing about couples. But my mind didn't took. So I decide to see how it feels to unleash the real mind of imagination. Please commentaar if u like it of not. Mostly this story isn't really changeing Naruto. Mostly Tenten. The end will have romance in it. Enjoy.

Tenten was a idol of Tsunade in the past.
She trained with Neji to grow stronger like her.
But sense she trained with him a lot. She started to like his combo's. Then each dag the ways of the Hyuga's fight she loved it even meer and more. Now she wants to become a Hyuga.

She got out of school. And Neji wasn't there that dag of school. She decided for Today to peek of the training of Neji. So she did. Everytime she hears something of one of the Hyuga's train she goes there to see them traing.

Tenten- ....

Fan fiction by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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Tenten was in her room. Looking all sad. She had no idea what to do.

Knock Knock


Ino- Hey! Don't yell at us!
Sakura- It's us! Me,Ino,and Hinata.

Tenten- ...Come in.
Ino- unh...Why did u yell at us?
Hinata- Is something wrong?
Tenten- no. Is there something u need?
Ino- have u see... I was...was

She started to sob.

Sakura- Tell us!
Ino- Will make u feel better!
Sakura- Yeah.
Hinata- Tenten...

Tenten- There's nothing u need to know. Just...just go!
Sakura- Were not going to leave u all alone,crying.

Hinata- Tell us,please.
Tenten- ...I...I...

Tenten- !!...No!
Ino- I was guessing...sorry.
Sakura- Your guesses are always wrong.
Ino- Oh. Like u know-
Hinata- Guys.
Fan fiction by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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Neji and Tenten were vrienden sense they became
Genin. Sense Guy sensei and Lee were stupid they just train on there own. Years later. Neji turned 17. He became Jonin and sense he became Jonin, his life would be different.

Neji trained with Tenten as always. Neji wasn't going easy on her.

Tenten- Ow!
Neji- After all these training u still slack off a bit.
Tenten- Why you! And I brought u to this rank and u don't apperciate me? u cal yourself a Hyuga?

Neji- What does this have to do to you? u didn't bring me to this rank.

Tenten- Na...Nami? ...but..I trained you!Remember..and here I ...I thought you've...changed...Neji-kun...Your just a cold hearted person!

Neji- unh...- he smriked

Tenten's Mind- I was starting to like you.

Tenten- ...Fine! I quit! I'm going home! Just go train with someonee else!

Neji- ...
Tenten- Your not saying anything. So u must hate me. Well...I have to go. -she left
Fan fiction by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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This for a special friend name Makifiki, a writer who knows how to use imagination. ( meer better than me) as u know makifiki is meer special then me. :D


Naruto was up in the sunny morning. 8:34 am.
He was a signed in a mission to save the Katiyuki stone. With his vrienden , Hinata,Kiba, and Shikamaru.

Shikamaru was the team leader. And Naruto didn't want Shikamaru to be the leader.

Naruto- Aww,why can't I be the leader?
Hinata- ...<blush>
Hinata's Mind- naruto is here. Maybe I can...I can... toon him that I'm not weak. He never seen my sternght before. ....(gulp)... I have too.

Shikamaru- Look Naruto, I have to be the leader. It's a darag but once I do it I'll get use to it. Besides what happens if u got stuck on something and u never firgured it out? Huh?

Naruto- There is a way I can handle things!
Shikamaru- Alright. I'll let u be the leader for a little moment. Now here's the map and takes us to the Katiyuki Stone.
Fan fiction by makifiki posted een jaar geleden
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As I promised, NejiTen love story is done now! Enjoy everybody. And especially nejiten2! :)
Btw, u know that everything between ** is their thoughts and what they are thinking.

It’s hot summer morning in Konoha. Team Guy has just finished with their training in the woods.
Guy: Yuss! That’s enough for today! – He zei smiling and tonen his thumb up!
Lee: Yes! Guy sensei! – Lee replied
Guy: Now, since it is Neji’s birthday, it’s time to give him presents! – Sensei gave Neji tight green tux smiling. – Happy birthday Neji!
Neji: Thank you, sensei – He zei taking his gift unwillingly thinking *What the hell? He knows I hate this tux. Geez…*
Lee: Guy sensei! That’s the best present ever – Lee zei crying! – I only bought u couple of weights and kunais! Now I have to do 1000 push-ups, cuz sensei’s present is better!
Neji: No, Lee u don’t hav…- He couldn’t even finish the sentence, because Lee already started. - …
Tenten: Here! – She zei giving him a cake.- Happy birthday Neji! I know it’s not much, but I’m short with money so…
Fan fiction by nejiten2 posted een jaar geleden
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Temari was on her way to the Hidden Sand Village cause Tsunade wanted her to come.

Temari- Ugh... wonder why I have to come here to this village.

Shikamaru- So your here.
Temri- Hmm... what do u want.
Shikamru- ( sigh ) Tsunade says u don't have to see her. u have to see me.

Temari- Well I don't wanna see you. Bye.
( mutter) - I can't beleive I came all the way here for, nothing!

Shikamaru- Sorry, if u leave then Tsunade will catch you.

Temari- ...! ... alright. What is it with " you?"
Shikamru- Tsunade says I have to be ...with u as a guardin of the village.

Temari- Why can't u take it yourself. I mean, I live in the Sand Village and I have to protect the Leaf Village? I'm suppose to guard my own village not yours.

Shikamaru- Quit being a troublesome. Just do what Tsunade says of you'll get hurt like crap.

Temari- ( sigh )... alright. What do we have to guard?
Fan fiction by makifiki posted een jaar geleden
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Just before I start, u should know that everything that is written between ** is what they are thinking and having in mind. Enjoy:

It’s a beautiful spring morning in Konoha. The air smells like flowers and grass. It’s time of love and joy. And it’s also a weekend, which means it’s time for break! Naruto, Shikamaru and Kiba are hanging outside…
Kiba: I love spring! It’s smells the best of all seasons! – zei Kiba sniffing.
Naruto: Me too, but I don’t feel the smell. – he zei trying to sense spring smell too.
Shika: Are u guys high? – Shikamaru raised his left eyebrow.
Kiba: Ha-ha, good one. – zei Kiba ironically, while patting Shika’s shoulder.
Naruto: Oh, boy, I cant wait to train with Hinata! – zei Naruto lifting his fist I the air.
Kiba: Train WHAT exactly? – Kiba teased Naruto smiling.
Naruto: Really train!
Shika: Can u beat her? – He also teased him and smiled
Naruto just made his grumpy face.- Like u don’t like pretty girls SHIKAMARU!
Fan fiction by ShadowtheHedgie posted een jaar geleden
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Dear Diary,
I feel as if i have left something behind. Something important. Something that makes me feel empty. I think it was a girl but it might have been naruto. I need to know wat to do. I hope that one dag i will find out wat is wrong. Karin is so freakin annoying. I want to know y but my answer lies in where the hart-, hart is empty. All i remember of her is roze hair and green eyes that shimmered in the moon light. When i made her cry i felt sad. But why? I dont know but i hope to find out one day. I keep thinking it is sakura, but i dont know any more. Also i feel as if i know her really good. I hope to see her.

Sasuke Uchiha