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Tenten and Neji talked and she giggled a little.
It was time for her to leave. Neji was happy it her. Not as a date.

Tenten- Okay. Bye, Neji. See u tommrrow.

The Hyuga was so munch fun to be. She enjoyed it.
But tommrrow was another big dag as well.

She headed her way home. She wanted to stay meer but school was coming.

It was the volgende day. At school somehow Neji wasn't talking to her. She seemed that something pissed Neji off. She didn't like that scene at all.

Tenten- Neji...
Neji- ....
He didn't say anything.

He walked away from her. Tenten wanted to see what Neji was up too so she asked Hinata. She talked to her. Somehow she zei that Neji got pissied of cause he herd about Tenten's goal.
Hiashi told him. She got mad. That the goal will come true and make Neji see her in a better way.

Hinata- Is it true?
Tenten- Yes. Now sense school is almost over I have to go to your mansion and beat your fathers Butt!

Hinata- I wish u luck on that. Please don't hurt your self and get carried away .

Tenten- I won't .

Hinata- Alright.

School was over and Tenten was heading her way home pagina to change. The clouds seem to be grey. Today was a rainy day. She didn't like it. Today was an important macth.

Tenten- ... Great it's raining. .....I have to hurry up and go!

She got home pagina all wet. She put on new clothes. A straight ponytail and some black clothes. Black pants with flames on it .

( i dunno I was just thinking of something black)

Tenten- ...

She looked herself at the mirror. Wishing herslef good luck on to herself. She clenched her fist and was ready to take action.

Tenten- .... Ready- she sighed.

It's been a while. This was going to be harder. She good with wielding tools and taijutsu might've been harder. But with alll the studying she did. Nothing can make her stop dreaming.

She got out of the house. Walking her way to the Hyuga's.

Tenten- ......I barely even think I'm gonna hit his face. The clan bloodline and taijutsu is so strong. I dunno what to do. But there is one way, just ONE way I can. Alright. I'm not just going to be slow ...I'm gonna get there and beat him!

She jump to a buliding and ran to the mansion.

Tenten- Get Ready!

She jumped fast then she can. She got to the buliding of the Hyuga House.

Hiashi- Alright. Tenten. Are u ready?

She was behind him. Neji was there looking down. He seemed sad. Put when he laid eyes on Tenten. She looked like a differnt women.

Tenten- ..... Ne-Neji...
Neji- Your insane.

He whispered.

Tenten- ...
Neji- u can't become a Hyuga. Your just going to fight of die for something foolish. Think what your going to do.

Tenten-...I know what I'm doing. There is nothing u can change about it. Just let me be. I'm a differnt person than u and your differnt than me. Besides. I want the most to be a Hyuga.

Neji-....If u loose. I just told you. Your foolish. u going to be know'n as a fool.

Tenten- Your treating me like Naruto. He will acheive his dream and so will I. u don't even care if I die.

Neji- I'm worried....if u die....then what will I do.

Tenten- ....Nothing...just be selfish as always.

Neji- ....

Hiashi- Tenten. I've changed my mind.

Tentenp- unh...Now?Okay, spit it out!

Hiashi- Your not going to fight me .Your going to fight Mishima Zaibatsu

Tenten-...whatever ...bring it on.
Neji- Tenten
Tenten- What?
Neji- I wish u luck.
Tenten- Like your going to. u never even...

He just staring at her with his white eyes. He had nothing else to say to her.

Tenten- Let's get this over with.

She cracked her knuckles and streacth.

Tenten- Ready.

Hiashi- Alright.

Mishima just started at her. Somehow he was forming a crush.

Tenten- .....
Hiashi- Begin!

Tenten- Alright...
Mishima- I....withdraw.

Tenten- Whaaaaaaaat?
Mishima- Your so bueatiful that there's no way I'll hurt you.

Tenten- unh.... well....I win!
Hiashi- Your a jerk!
Mishima- She really does belong to the Hyuga.
Tenten- Seee. I won! Yes! I didn't even make my-

Hiashi- Fine. Get ready!
Tenten- Right now? You? ....... Okay.

Hiashi- u won't win for sure.
Tenten- How do u know?

They got ready to take action. She stepped a few steps away and started doing the pose of the Hyuga.

Hiashi- Heh. Your not even a Hyuga.
Tenten- I will.
Hiashi- Get ready!

Tenten- .... C'mon!

She started heading to him. He made his first move. He punched Tenten on the stomach.
Tenten- Hmph. Hyah!

She slam him on the face. He dodged her move. It was useless. Nothing will change her. He moved away from her and then he faced Tenten. 360 chakra points. She ran to him and tried to try to hit him. His dodgeing was to fast. That nothing worked. Then he attacked her in the face.

Tenten- you...idiot. Yah!
She started to get mad. She felt like at that studying was for nothing. He dodged every verplaats of her. Then wacked her .

Tenten- ...

He grabbed her kraag and thre her face hard on the floor. Then stomped on it . She grabbed his foot and hoped behind him , she threw him hard at the wall, she ran to him and got one hand and hit is back.
H got hurt but not good enough. He grabbed her shoulder and twirled around and kicked and punched her whole body.

Tenten- you...
Hiashi- Worthless person.

Neji- ....
Tenten- Did I say I withdraw?!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaah!

She got mad and grabbed his overhemd, shirt and punched him so hard and then back flipped, her fist, clenched it and charged at him. She broke the wall. Oh- now she got the sternght of Tsunade. She trained and trained and never studied her skills of try'd them out for about a jaar cause of school. She has now completed her first dream. But she never wanted it anymore. She wants to be a Hyuga.

Tenten- huf,huff,huf.
Neji- you...
Tenten- hmph.

She looked back at Hiashi.

Tenten- Now I can hurt you.
She whispered evily.

Hiashi- There nothing-
Tenten- Yah!

She did many punches at him. Too fast that she couldn't even tell the number of how many punches.

Hiashi- you... stop! He whacked her with Eight trigrams 367 chakra points.

Neji- !!....

Tenten- unh....never!
She pucked blood out. Too munch and Neji was shocked that there was a lot of blood on the floor.

Tenten- Never! I won't let u win!

she got two fingers and it grew chakra on it .
Then as so, she got another two fingers. Grew chakra as well.

Tenten- Get ready!
Tenten's mind - Think as a Hyuga, Think as a Hyuga! u can do it! Your smart! Not weak! Think as a Hyuga!!!

" I want to be like u Neji. "

Tenten was thinking of what she zei when Neji was younger.
Age 14 .

Tenten- Hmph! Hyuga! Style! ..... 8 trigrams.... 64 ....palms!!!!!

The ying-yang came out.

" Neji. Your stronger. I want to be like you."

Tenten- Get! Ready! Eight-trigrams! Eight plams!

Hiashi- What?
Tenten- Nothing- is -impossible! Nothing!

Neji- No way!

Tenten- i will! And i Can! There's no chance of a giver uper!

She jabbed chakra points.

Tenten- 4 palms!
Hiashi- No way! unh...
Tenten- 8 palms! 16 palms! 32 palms! and....
Hiashi- Ahhhhhunh!

Tenten- 64 palms!

" I won't leave till I win my dream!"
" There is many people who dream."

Somehow this light came up to Tenten. It started to get around her.

Tenten- !! Right....Now's my chance!

Hiashi- Ka...

Tenten- Hyuga Style!
Tenten's Mind- The dreams do come true...if u work hard on it!

Tenten- Heavly-

Hiashi- No way! Thats-

Something black was on Tenten's eyes.

Neji- ?

Tenten- Heavenly Spin!

She did the Hyuga rotation. It got on to Hiashi and hurt him! No one every hurt Hiashi hard on him.

Suddenly a voice came. Is sounded like Tenten's .

Hiashi was unconsouis.
Neji- ?

Tenten- heh.

" Sudenly...I worked hard and came true . Nothing ...Nothing is imppossible."

She bent down to her kness and something was not right on her. Her eyes were not normal.

Then fell down and unconsious.
Neji got surprised what he just saw.

He tried to wake Tenten up but nothing seem to work. Hinta cam bye and she saw Tenten. She had blood on her face.

Neji told her to cure her. So she did. and another person told her to cure Hiashi.

Which he now seem to see that Tenten , was a good person.

To be Continued.

If the fighting was to fast. oooh I'm sorry. I'm lose contract on what it as suppose to be. I'm sorry I'm a bad writer. Plus i didn't even know that the fighting was short till I notice it was of is wasn't...welll...I don't even know if the story was good.
Welll, till then I'll write the volgende part.