Hi! Right now that your reading will be talking about my 3 favoirte couples that should be toegether and that shouldn't!
That will be : NaruHina, NejiTen, and ShikaTema

First NejiTen

NejiTen- Ha-ha! Yes they will be toegether!
NejiHina- Pfft! Yeah right, think again!
NejiSaku- Got to be kidding me! No! No! No!
NejiIno- Yeah **** no!
NejiTen- Bingo! Got it correct!
NaruTen- WTF
KibaTen- Eernt!
ShikaTen- They don't know eachother
ChojiTen- What? No!
LeeTen- ..... Nah!
ShinoTen- Nah!
and yeah let's go on


NaruHina- Yup! There cute together!
NaruSaku- Nah! Sakura hits Naruto a lot! Do u see Hinata slapping and punching Naruto? No!
NaruIno- ...What is this couple? stier Crap!
NaruTema- Nope. Not likey to happen.

LeeHina- NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
KibaHina- well,makifiki's story made me think...I dunno...that's the big problem
ShinoHina- Yeah right!
NejiHina- NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Give me a break!
ShikaHina- Nope. Not a chance.
ChojiHina-....... Whoever thinks of it that way gets to get hit door a shovel.

Now lets go on...

ShikaTema- Bingo! u got it correct!
ShikaIno- Okay, I dunno. I like Shikamaru and Temari better! So yeah! Besides Shikamaru in shippuden is hanging out meer with Temari so yeah.

ShikaSaku- What the? ...No way!
ShikaTen- Eernt! Tenten is a jaar older than him!
ShikaHina- Ha-ha-ha-ha! NO!

KibaTema- They don't even know eachother
ShinoTema- Same like I zei before
NejiTema- Again! They don't know eachother! Duh!
LeeTema- Don't think so!
NaruTema- Yeah.....NOO!
KanTema- There brother and sisters!
GaaTema- Samething like I zei before!

And that's all. SasuSaku I skipped but I don't like them at all. I don't care if they die toegether! So yeah. Ha-ha! If there's something I skipped in these 3 couples I like please commentaar on that as well.