Naruto Shippuuden will sasuke ever kom bij the " we got some sense knock into us door naruto club"

sicelyarien posted on May 30, 2010 at 01:57AM
I know sasuke has and will be doing some horrible things, but will naruto change him will he ever be a good guy again. We know he has good in him and we know naruto brings some good out of almost every one he meets.
What do u think.

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een jaar geleden sicelyarien said…
no replys wtf
een jaar geleden caseylovesgreek said…
big smile
i think, sasuke will definitely be a good guy again! you know naruto! he will totally bring it out of him!
also i think sakura means very much to sasuke, and i think she will also be the one that will help bringing his bright and good side again!
sakura will have a big part in this bcs i think, sasuke loves her, like she loves him. hes just too dark and close-hearted to realize it now.
and since he has like a brotherly bond with naruto, those two will be the ones that will make him reasonable again.

so basically, yes... sasuke will be good guy again ^^
een jaar geleden Vlad_Nightwing said…
Nooo, definitely Sasuke wont turn back to Konoha ever again. Cos Madara said that the annihalation of the Uchiha Clan was ordered by Konoha remember?
And I think the series would end with Sasuke death... and maybe a few majority of the other characters as well
een jaar geleden cadarian11 said…
heck yea once naruto gives him a peice of that rasengan hell love to go back to the village
een jaar geleden sicelyarien said…
cool i like your pov i
een jaar geleden jdack said…
no because he is trying to kill everone in the village.
that kind of thing is going be pretty hard to get over.
een jaar geleden dattebayochan said…
rasenganshuriken+sage mode+kyuubi chakra+determination= sasuke knocked out with sakura,hinata,kiba,shino,akamaru,kurenai,k­aka­shi­,ne­ji,­ten­ten­,ro­ck lee,temari, gaara, tsunade,kankuro, and other good characters.... there's no way sasuke can escape now...they can beat some sense in to him... duh link